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Picking Up the Pieces (オレにやらせろ!, Do it For Me!) is the fourteenth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The second match continues as Kenny struggles in his battle against Tala. He is determined to prove Tala wrong that Tyson didn't leave the group and to being scared to battle today. Kenny's Hopper keeps on attacking Tala's Wolborg but it seems to do little to no damage as it continues to bounce back hitting itself. Tala had enough of playing around and decides to activate his special move Novae Rog. As the attack hits, not only does Tala break Kenny's bey into pieces, Tala takes the second match.

As Kenny quickly tries to find bey part for Daichi to use in the tiebreaker match, Tyson wants to take Daichi's place. Daichi does not want to give up his spot, saying that this is when the team needs him the most. Kenny finally finds a relevant part - a customized bearing base. As Kenny customizes Daichi's bey, he explains his plan to him. Tala's Wolborg is built for endurance and that a drawn out battle will give him an advantage so he needs Daichi to play defensively for a bit.

The third match starts with Daichi following Kenny's plan as he decides to retreat from Tala. He figures out their plan and keeps hitting Daichi along the walls of the leaning tower and traps him at the top of the tower. He actives his special move Novae Rog but misses the attack which leaves it vulnerable in the air. Daichi was able to defeat Tala with his special move and takes the victory. They celebrate their victory and Tyson learns that he underestimated his team, and that they won without his help.

As the team continues to go to Spain, F-Dynasty pays Mr. Dickenson a visit and asks him to allow them to make tag team matches.

Major Events[]

  • Kenny loses against Tala.
  • Daichi defeats Tala and claims victory for the BBA Revolution.
  • The team wins without Tyson's help.
  • F-Dynasty wants permission from Mr. Dickinson to make their matches 2-on-2 tag team format going forward.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Kenny (Hopper) vs Tala (Wolborg 4) = Tala & Wolborg 4
  • Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon V) vs Tala (Wolborg 4) = Daichi & Strata Dragoon V



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