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Fire and Water (邪魔するな!, Don't Interfere!) is the sixteenth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


As Max prepares to face Kai in the next round, the members of BBA Revolution overhear a confrontation between Johnny and Robert of the Majestics and Barthez Battalion. It turns out Barthez Battalion won their qualifying tournament through trickery. Thanks to Kenny, the teams find proof of Barthez’s underhanded tactics but it’s too late to disqualify them from the Championships.

Armed with his new Draciel Gravity, Max takes Kai to the edge of defeat only to end up defeated himself. Rick uses his frustration at the loss to overcome Tala and goes on to face Kai in a tiebreaker. Despite his great power, Rick loses to the more experienced Kai.

Inspired by the match, Tyson vows to face Barthez Battalion with everything he’s got.

Major Events[]

  • Robert and Johnny from the Majestics inform the BBA Revolution that Barthez's team cheated to beat them.
  • Kai defeats Max.
  • Rick defeats Tala.
  • Kai defeats Rick.
  • Max obtains Draciel Gravity.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer G) vs Max Tate (Draciel G) = Kai & Dranzer
  • Tala (Wolborg 4) vs Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = Rick & Rock Bison
  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer G) vs Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = Kai & Dranzer


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