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Same Old Dirty Tricks... (気をつけろ、大地, Watch out, Daichi) is the seventeenth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Barthez begins analyzing the BBA Revolution as Claude and Aaron appear in his office after being called to a meeting. Barthez notices that Mathilda, and Miguel, haven't arrived yet.

Mathilda is seen leaning over a bridge looking depressed and concerned about undergoing Barthez's plan in her sacrificing Pierce Hedgehog. Miguel comforts her as she explains to him that the team isn't the same anymore and it wasn't like the family that it used to be. After the two come back to the team room, they're scolded by Barthez and he encourages them to win against the BBA Revolution.

Hilary and the others want to report their dirty deeds to the authorities, but Tyson believes the best way to teach them a lesson is to beat them fair and square.

The first match begins with Daichi vs Mathilda. The battle begins with Strata Dragoon continuously bashing Pierce Hedgehog. As Daichi becomes overconfident, Barthez signals Mathilda to detonate her Bey. Before the special move hits, Pierce Hedgehog self-destructs as it dislodges itself and the flying fragments come hurtling at Daichi's Bey. Since Mathilda's Bey fell apart and his Bey was still spinning, the first match goes to Daichi.

The second match begins with Tyson vs Miguel. Tyson starts to struggle against Miguel's spinning blades and continues to hide the evidence to avoid cheating as Dragoon is getting smashed all around the stadium. Miguel begins to walk away from the battle even though Dragoon is still spinning.

Miguel is shocked that Tyson's still in the game. At that moment, Tyson goes on about the true spirit of Beyblading. He then points out that Barthez will only do whatever it takes to win, regardless of the rules. Miguel is then dismayed when he's told to destroy Tyson's Beyblade, realizing that with Barthez, it (cheating and Beyblade destruction) will never end.

Barthez keeps ordering Miguel to destroy Tyson's Bey as he removes the extra blades on the attack ring, takes the communicator out of his ear and starts battling on his own and ignoring his coach's orders. Tyson and Miguel both activate their special moves. The two collide and Dark Gargoyle is knocked against the statue which gives Tyson the win in the second round.

Tyson thanks Miguel for playing fair but Barthez becomes angry and vows to make Miguel pay for disobeying him.

Major Events[]

  • Mathilda's Bey is destroyed giving Daichi the win but in the process, Strata Dragoon is severely damaged.
  • Tyson defeats Miguel and claims victory for BBA Revolution.
  • Miguel finally stands up to Barthez and starts blading honestly.



Featured BeyBattles[]

  • Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon V) vs Mathilda (Pierce Hedgehog) = Daichi & Strata Dragoon
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon G) vs Miguel (Dark Gargoyle) = Tyson & Dragoon


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