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Template:Beyblade Wiki:Episode TemplateBeyblade Like an Egyptian is the eighteenth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Our heroes land in Egypt for the next leg of the tournament where the first two teams going up against each other are the Blitzkrieg Boys against the Barthez Battalion. But as Barthez readies his team, we learn he's devised a special spider web-like tape that is supposed to shoot out of his team's blades and trap their opponents in an inescapable web. Miguel is torn and knows that if they follow his coach's plan they could win, but he feels he'd rather lose with respect than cheat. In the first battle, Aaron goes up against Tala. Barthez tells his players to just act natural and he would operate the spider webbing by remote control. As the battle begins, Barthez desperately pushes the remote control, but nothing happens. Turns out Aaron refused to use the 'fixed' blade. Barthez is furious. Miguel is defiant and tell Barthez that they aren't going to be 'his puppets anymore.' As Barthez leaves, Miguel steps into the ring against Kai. The battle doesn't last very long as Kai wins handily. But Miguel has lost with dignity and that's just the way he wants it!

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