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Beyblade Like an Egyptian
Japanese いい顔してるね!
Romaji Ii kao shiteru ne!
English Translation Everyone looks happy!
18 (G-Revolution)

120 (Original Series)

Japan May 5, 2003
December 4, 2004
Theme Music
Japanese Opening Go Ahead
Kaze no Fuku Basho
Let's Beyblade!
Let's Beyblade! (instrumental)
Same Old Dirty Tricks...
One For All...Free For All

Beyblade Like an Egyptian is the eighteenth episode of the Beyblade series, Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The Egyptian round of the World Championship is about to begin and a TV sports program announces the upcoming matches: The Blitzkrieg Boys vs. Barthez Batallion, the PPB All Starz vs. White Tiger X and BBA Revolution vs. F Dynasty.

Hilary is delighted with the country, but Daichi is again sick due to the flight and Hilary gets scared of his sick face.

Barthez is disappointed with Mathilda and Miguel, so he chooses Claude and Aaron for the match against the Blitzkrieg Boys.

Meanwhile, the BBA Revolution stumbles upon an amateur Beybattle and Daichi is frustrated that he cannot take part of it since his Gaia Dragoon is damaged. Kenny then unveils a new Strata Dragoon he's been working on, equipped with the engine gear. Daichi is initially reluctant about using a Beyblade other than his former one but he tests it against a local kid and easily wins, amazed with its power.

Meanwhile, Barthez is having his Beyblades verified. Later, he comments on how stupid such verification processes are, since he can simply replace the legal blades after the test. As he readies his team, he explains that he's devised a special spider web-like tape that is activated via a remote control and is supposed to shoot out of his team's blades and trap their opponents in an inescapable web. Miguel is torn and knows that if they follow his coach's plan they could win, but he feels he'd rather lose with respect than cheat.

In the first battle, Aaron goes up against Tala and both are nervous - Tala for having lost his two previous matches, and Aaron because of Barthez. Tala soon overcomes and holds his ground against Aaron. Barthez tries to unleash the web, but nothing happens. It becomes known that Aaron refused to use the 'fixed' blade and loses while using his original blade, enraging Barthez. Miguel is defiant and tell Barthez that he is fired and he and his team mates aren't going to be 'his puppets anymore'. Barthez leaves and warns Miguel that he stands no chance without him.

Miguel steps into the ring against Kai and gives everything he's got. There are two different versions of the match: the original and the one from the English dub. In the original, Miguel attacks Kai and then unleashes his Fire Execution special attack, providing him with gargoyle wings and a dark look on his face, then setting Dranzer on fire. Kai then asks him if he was really thinking he could defeat Dranzer with "such flames", breaks free from the fire and unleashes Blazing Gig, throwing Dark Gargoyle out of the stadium. In the English dub, Miguel simply attacks Kai a couple of times, only to be thrown out of the dish by Dranzer's Blazing Gig - also, Barthez is seen commenting to himself that he was right about Miguel not standing a chance. In both versions, however, the entire audience and Kai himself congratulate Miguel on his fight, as well as his team mates.

They leave the dish to prepare for their fifth match in the next round as Barthez lies knelled to the ground, frustrated and confused that people adore Miguel despite of his loss.

With three wins, the Blitzkrieg Boys are the first team to advance to the finals.

Major Events

  • The Blitzkrieg Boys win their matches against Barthez Batallion and are the first team to advance to the finals.
  • Strata Dragoon is rebuilt into Strata Dragoon G.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tala Valkov (Wolborg 4) vs Aaron Silva (Rushing Boar) = Tala & Wolborg
  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer G) vs Miguel Lavalier (Dark Gargoyle) = Kai & Dranzer


  • In the English dub:
    • The TV sports program announces the upcoming matches are not shown; the results table shown at the beginning of the episode is omitted as well.
    • Parts of the conversation with Hilary getting scared of Daichi's sick face were cut.
    • Some parts of the verification scenes were cut.
  • In the original Japanese dub, Barthez tries to punch Miguel in the face for his rebellion, but Miguel reminds him that he is in front of thousands of people and Barthez stops his fist before touching Miguel, shocked.
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