GR018 : Beyblade Like an Egyptian
G-Revolution series
GR020 : Burdens of a Champion
One For All...Free For All
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Episode Number 19
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Arc Unknown
Previous Episode Beyblade Like an Egyptian
Next Episode Burdens of a Champion
Japanese May 19, 2003
English December 18, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Go Ahead
Ending Oh Yeah!!
Episode Notes
Featured Bey TBA
Main Character Debuts TBA

One For All...Free For All is the nineteenth episode of the series, Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Max is having trouble convincing Rick that he is truly dedicated to the PPB All Starz. Max just wants to play for love of the game but Rick thinks he should do anything to win. When the competition continues Max demands they fight a “pairs” match so that he and Rick are forced to work as a team. Rick’s ego gets the best of him and soon he finds himself not only battling the White Tiger X team but Max as well. Mariah tells Ray and Lee of White Tiger X that they should battle each other and find out who is the best blader out of the four of them. A beyblading free for all ensues until the final climactic battle when only one blade is left spinning. The winner, Lee is surprised as everyone else to learn that he is the best blader of them all!”

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