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Beyblade G-Revolution - Episode 18 : Beyblade Like an Egyptian
G-Revolution series
Beyblade G-Revolution - Episode 20 : Burdens of a Champion
One For All...Free For All
Japanese NOーーーッ!!
Romaji NOーーーTsu!!
English Translation NOOOO!!
19 (G-Revolution)

121 (Original Series)

Japan May 12, 2003
December 11, 2004
Theme Music
Japanese Opening Go Ahead
Kaze no Fuku Basho
Let's Beyblade!
Let's Beyblade! (instrumental)
Beyblade Like an Egyptian
Burdens of a Champion

One For All...Free For All is the nineteenth episode of the Beyblade series, Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Rick and Max have an argument over Max's defeat to Kai. Rick thinks Max lost on purpose, but Max explains he was just trying to be fair. Rick pushes Max to the ground and leaves.

Meanwhile, the BBA Revolution team check on the results table to see who's out and who's got a chance to advance. Tyson says all he has to do is to win.

White Tiger X is seen shopping in a street market and Mariah eventually meets Rick battling amateur bladers in an alley. They talk about the meaning of Beyblade and until Ray and Lee arrive and Rick mocks them for not being so tough. As the battle is about to begin, Max demands they fight a "pairs" match so that he and Rick are forced to work as a team. Rick is furious and grabs Max by the t-shirt, but White Tiger X accepts the terms and they head for the stadium. Rick's ego gets the best of him and he deliberately ignores Max's recommendations, eventually sending Galeon to collide with Draciel. Max is frustrated with Rick and eventually the two find themselves battling each other. After Max's unleashed Gravity Control on Rock Bison, Ray and Lee take the chance to use their special attacks on it too, but, much to everyone's surprise, Rock Bison is still spinning even after taking three different special attacks.

Mariah then tells Ray and Lee that they should battle each other and find out who is the best blader out of the four of them. Lee is initially reluctant, but Ray starts slamming him and he is soon convinced, though the audience is confused. A beyblading free for all ensues until the final climactic battle when only one blade is left spinning.

The winner, Lee, is surprised that he was the last man standing and Rick finally learns to Beyblade for the fun of it, not just to win.

Major Events

  • The PPB All Starz battle White Tiger X in a tag-team battle turned Battle Royale and lose.
  • Rick begins to learn the values of friendship and teamwork.



Featured Beybattles

  • Ray Kon & Lee (Driger G & Galeon 2) vs Max Tate & Rick Anderson (Draciel G & Rock Bison) = Lee & Galeon


  • In the English dub:
    • Rick pushing Max is not shown.
    • For some reason, parts of the dialog where BBA Revolution checks the results table was cut.
    • Rick grabbing Max's shirt is not shown.