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Sibling Rivalry (アンタなら勝てる!, I Know You Can Win!) is the twenty-second episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Raul began to think about his situation between Julia and himself as the World Championships continue in Australia. He surprises Julia during a meal by insisting he battle solo for F Dynasty, in order to prove that he is worthy to be her partner and he is strong enough to accomplish a victory without the need of a tag battle. Julia reluctantly agrees though she blames Raul for their first two defeats (even though she also lost her solo battles).

The final elimination round begins with F-Dynasty trying to take the last spot while the other team, Barthez Batallion tries to ruin any chance they have of getting the play-off spot.

The first match goes underway with Julia vs Miguel. The crowd wildly cheers for Julia as she continues She easily thrashes Miguel and defeats him giving F-Dynasty the first win and Raul becomes even more pressured.

The Barthez Battalion decides to send Mathilda for the next match. Since her beyblade Pierce Hedgehog was destroyed in her previous match with Daichi, her friends decide to create a new beyblade using parts of their own beyblades: Dark Gargoyle's attack ring, Rushing Boar's weight disk and Rapid Eagle's base. Mathilda then completes it with her bit beast chip. Raul struggles in the beginning of the match as Mathilda tries to land an attack on Raul. He continues to be under the pressure and loses control with Torch Pegasus after he tries to give it a command for an attack. He keeps trying to land a hit on Pierce Hedgehog, but it easily dodges. Julia gives Raul a pep talk to give him confidence; this works. He activates his special move and defeats Mathilda and takes the last spot in the elimination round.

Even though Barthez Battalion lost, they are glad to have made it to the final round. As for Raul, he feels confident and Julia is proud of him.

The next match is between White Tiger X and the Blitzkrieg Boys, with Tala and Lee battling each other for the first game. As they launch their beyblades, Lee has Galeon slamming Wolborg with full force, but Tala simply smiles and thinks to himself that Lee is wasting his energy and will soon be under his mercy.

Major Events[]

  • Mathilda competes with a drastically customized Beyblade (using parts from her teammates)
  • Julia defeats Miguel in the first match.
  • Raul defeats Mathilda in the second round.
  • Raul proves to Julia that he can handle a beybattle by himself.
  • The Barthez Battalion is eliminated from the World Tournament.
  • Tala gets the upper hand against Lee.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Julia Fernandez (Thunder Pegasus) vs Miguel (Dark Gargoyle) = Julia & Thunder Pegasus
  • Raul Fernandez (Torch Pegasus) vs Mathilda (Pierce Hedgehog) = Raul & Torch Pegasus
  • Lee (Galeon 2) vs Tala (Wolborg 4) = Continued in next episode



  • In the English dub:
    • Once again, Miguel's special attack is cut.
    • Parts of the fight between Raul and Mathilda were cut, such as Raul glancing at the camera flashes from the audience and half of his special attack.


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