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Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face Off! (まだだ… !, Once More… !) is the twenty-third episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The battle continues with Lee, from White Tiger X against Tala from the Blitzkrieg Boys. Lee easily loses the first match to Tala as they take an early lead. Doubting themselves, Ray's team thinks that it's all over. But Ray doesn't worry and reminds them about being a team. The members show their dedication to Ray by ripping off a piece of their clothing and wrapping it around his arm giving him more confidence in his upcoming battle.

The second match begins as Ray and Kai are both determined in claiming victory over each other. Both Dranzer and Driger use their special moves in an epic clash. After the smoke clears, Ray is seen on the ground. DJ Jazzman is ready to declare Kai as the winner, but White Tiger X grab hold of him and point out that Driger is still spinning. Thanks to his teammates support for him, Ray gets up and continues to battle.

He gives Kai a really hard time but then Kai takes off his scarf filled with heavy weights which shatter the floor. Kai then mentions a special attack he has been developing and Tala recalls confronting Kai as he returned from an uninformed activity. Kai simply ignored him and Tala noticed his arm was full of scars. Tala then followed Kai's footsteps on the snow and found a gigantic rock cut in half - now he realizes all that damage was caused by Kai testing his new attack. Ray uses his Gatling Claw Maximum which makes his Driger so fast that it is practically invisible but Kai manages to sense his movements. Kai uses his new special move, Blazing Gigs Tempest, which sends a severely damaged Driger out of the stadium making Kai the winner as his team advances onto the finals.

Ray falls, but Lee catches him and congratulates him on his fight, as well as his friends, which are all proud of him despite being eliminated. Kai then leaves as if it has been an easy match, but at the corridor, he succumbs to his exhaustion and checks on his damaged Dranzer, congratulating Ray and confident that he is ready to take on Tyson.

Major Events[]

  • Tala defeats Lee.
  • Kai defeats Ray and the Blitzkrieg Boys advances to the next round.
  • Kai and Ray both upgrade their Special Moves to Blazing Gigs Tempest and Gatling Claw Maximum respectively.
  • Ray damaged Kai's Dranzer G beyond repair in their battle.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Lee (Galeon 2) vs Tala (Wolborg 4) = Tala & Wolborg
  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer G) vs Ray Kon (Driger G) = Kai & Dranzer


  • In the English dub:
    • The scars on Kai's arm are not shown.
    • For some reason, parts of Kai using Blazing Gig Tempest are cut.
    • Brad and AJ mention the tournament stadium is in Sydney (New South Wales), for the first time since this round began


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