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Down Under Thunder (パワー全開だ!!, Full Power Ahead!!) is the twenty-fourth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The tournament in Australia continues and the round continues as the BBA Revolution and the PPB All Starz go head to head.

Before the battle starts, Daichi is shocked to see Tala outside the team room. He converses with Daichi, warning him not to lose since he wants revenge from last battle.

The first match begins with Daichi pinned against Rick, making Daichi feeling over confident as he focuses on his victory while Rick tries to end this match quick. The two opponents gives everything they got as the Beys fill the air with the scent of burnt metal. Both Daichi and Rick burn with spirit as two opposite teams cheer for their own to win and take them further in the tournament. Daichi activates his special move as his Bey appears to create a yellow-colored saw around it, viciously severing the stadium, crushing through Rick's rock attack, and landing a hit on Rock Bison, and sending his Bey into the air hitting the ceiling lights. As a sign of defeat, Rick looks astonished and stares at the Strata Dragoon in the center of the stadium barely spinning. Daichi wins the first round and blacks out.

Tyson and Max have the same goal in defeating each other as they both start to focus on their own battle.

Major Events[]

  • Daichi defeats Rick in a battle.
  • Tala confronts Daichi and tells him to win at any cost.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon G) vs Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = Daichi & Strata Dragoon G


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