GR031 : Runaway Daichi!
G-Revolution series
GR033 : Out of Their League!
Beyblade Idol!
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Episode Number 32
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Arc None
Previous Episode Runaway Daichi!
Next Episode Out of Their League!
Japanese August 11, 2003
English March 14, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Go Ahead
Ending Oh Yes!
Episode Notes
Featured Bey TBA
Main Character Debuts Ming-Ming

Beyblade Idol! Is the thirty second episode of the series, Beyblade: G-Revolution


Major Events



Featured Beybattles

Tyson Granger (Dragoon GT), Max Tate (Draciel), & Daichi (Strata Draggon V) vs Ming-Ming's Band = Tyson, Max, & Daichi

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