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Beyblade Idol (わけわかんねえ!!, I Don't Get It!!) is the thirty-second episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


A news bulletin announces that the BBA has been bought to be transformed in a new professional league and Mr. Dickenson has resigned from his position as Chairman.

Tyson, Hilary and Kenny go off in search of their old friend and meet Max and Daichi in front of the former BBA headquarters, which is being demolished. Eventually they find Mr. Dickenson, who reveals that the board of the BBA had completed the plans to sell the league while he was occupied with the World Championships. Tyson resolves to show up at the press conference the next day and discover who is behind the plot.

The new pro-league is announced by DJ Jazzman to be BEGA - Beyblade Entertainment Global Association, headquartered in a tall skyscraper built at the BBA's former lot. The kids are soon faced with the new singing sensation, Ming-Ming, who announces that not only is she the official mascot of the BEGA League but also one of its top ranked professional Beybladers. Meanwhile, some men in front of TV screens announce to a shadowy figure that Tyson has been located.

Back to the press conference, Ming-Ming notices the presence of Max, Daichi and Tyson and transforms into a grown up, teenage girl. Afterwards, she shows off her beyblading skills. Tyson challenges her to Beybattle and Ming-Ming accepts under the condition that he beat her entire Ming-Ming Band. Max and Daichi join him for a three-on-three match. The members perform while beybattling, which gives them extra energy to fight at par with the World Champions. Max eventually realizes their source of energy and figures that all they have to do is to understand the musical pattern. In the end, they defeat the three opponents.

Before they can challenge Ming-Ming, the shadowy figure shown before shows up and announces he's the one behind BEGA. The figure then reveals itself to be Boris, the ex-manager of the Biovolt Corporation and the Demolition Boys that Tyson and the Bladebreakers had to face in the first season in order to become World Champions.

Major Events

  • The BBA was bought and has been transformed into a new pro-league called BEGA.
  • Boris returns and is revealed to be the one behind BEGA.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon GT), Max Tate (Draciel G), & Daichi Sumeragi (Strata Dragoon G) vs Ming-Ming's Band = Tyson, Max, & Daichi (Dragoon GT, Draciel G, & Strata Dragoon G)