Boris, The Blade Stops Here! (ふざけるな!, Don't Be Stupid!) is the thirty-sixth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


BEGA announce in the press the match between Tala and Garland and the stadium is filled with spectators in a matter of minutes, much to everyone's surprise. Even Blader DJ is rushed to the stadium. Ray arrives with Mystel and both watch from afar.

The battle starts and Garland just lets Tala attack so that he runs out of energy. Mid-battle, Tala asks Garland why such a talented beyblader like him decided to join BEGA. Garland then explains he is a member of the Siebald family, the youngest of six children who aim to be the number one in their sports. His siblings have already achieved success in baseball, football, golf, tennis and Formula 1, and he wants to be the number one beyblader. When it becomes clear that Tala will never understand his reasons, Garland decides to finish the battle. Tala eventually takes Garland down with his Novae Rog attack.

As the battle rages on, the spectators start to get bored since Tala has lost his energy and Boris is worried that he will fail to entertain the public. When Garland's Apollon knocks Wolborg out of the stadium, bars rise up out of the floor and keep the bey in the dish. Boris then announces that the battle will only end if one of the beyblades stop spinning.

Meanwhile, Kai is seen in front of BEGA's building. As the battle continues, Garland aggressively beats Tala, weakening him. Kai arrives at a balcony and Hiro appears later to talk to him about BEGA. When Tyson and the others realize Tala can get hurt, Tyson demands Boris to end the fight. Boris says he has taken note of Tyson complaints and signals to Garland, giving him thumbs up for the end of the match. Garland then launches his special attack Radiant Thunder and knocks Tala meters away, damaging the stadium. Tala uses his last amounts of energy in Tyson's arms to reveal that the Barthez Battalion was actually BEGA's exhibition team that went wrong after Miguel and his friends realized they should not blindly obey their ruthless coach.

Enraged, Tyson yells out at Boris telling him his whole BEGA outfit is bogus and he challenges the shadowy figure to a battle. Boris accepts the challenges and announces that if BEGA loses, he will dissolve it. Ray shows up and joins his former teammates. Kai also appears, but walks right by Tyson to join BEGA, angering Ray and Max while leaving the World Champion shocked and speechless.

Major Events

  • Garland defeats and severely injures Tala.
  • Tyson challenges Boris after witnessing Tala's battle against Garland and because of what Tala told him.
    • It's revealed by Tala that Barthez was Boris's agent.
    • It's also revealed that the Barthez Battalion was established by Boris.
  • Ray joins Tyson's team again.
  • Kai joins BEGA instead of Tyson.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tala (Wolborg 4) vs. Garland Siebald (Apollon) = Garland & Apollon


  • In the English dub:
    • A scene with Garland sent flying was cut; Some blood dripping from his mouth was also digitally removed.
    • Some scenes of Tala getting hurt were cut.