Back to Basics (ギブアップか?, You Give Up?) is the fortieth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Kenny explains that the new Hard Metal beyblades are hard to control due to their smaller but heavier attack rings. Tyson applies him a Rear naked choke to mock him. Tyson, Daichi, Ray and Max all give their beyblades a try, but are unable to control them and grow frustrated on their failures.

Meanwhile, Boris hosts a press conference in which he explains Tyson and his friends are "radicals who oppose Beyblade progress of any kind" and are willing to destroy everything he worked for. He then announces his Justice 5 tournament as a response to Tyson's challenge.

Back at the training camp, Dragoon and Strata Dragoon eventually run away from Tyson and Daichi and they set off in search for them, failing numerous times to collect them back. Eventually, Tyson and Daichi recall making their first attempts of beyblading as kids and realize controlling the Hard Metal beyblades is all about going back to basics. Suddenly, they stumble upon a bear. By reflex, they manage to have their beyblades take down two trees to block the bear.

Meanwhile, Ray and Max also realize they should train as if they were newbies with beyblading and finally manage to control their new Draciel and Driger blades against Rick and Lee. Tyson and Daichi eventually reappear and knock Rick and Lee out of the dish.

With the Hard Metal System nailed, everyone realizes that Beyblading is all about battling with the purest of hearts, and that they must put an end to BEGA so that concept doesn't get taken away for good.

Major Events

  • Ray, Max, and Daichi receive the Hard Metal System versions of their Beyblades.
  • Tyson, Daichi, Ray, and Max learn to control their new beyblades.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon MS) vs Miguel (Dark Gargoyle) = Miguel & Dark Gargoyle
  • Ray Kon (Driger MS) vs Lee (Galeon) = Lee & Galeon
  • Max Tate (Draciel MS) vs Michael Parker (Trygle) = Michael & Trygle
  • Ray Kon (Driger MS) and Max Tate (Draciel MS) vs Lee (Galeon) and Rick Anderson (Rock Bison) = None of them. Tyson Granger and Daichi Sumeragi (Dragoon MS and Strata Dragoon MS) knocked Lee and Rick out.


  • In the English dub:
    • Tyson giving Kenny a Rear naked choke is cut.


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