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Refuse to Lose (絶対に勝つ!!, I'll Definitely Win!!) is the forty-fourth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


It's the second match of the Justice Five Battle and Ray and Crusher are facing off against each other. With Ming-Ming's win against Daichi in the previous match, the BEGA League is already ahead by one so the pressure is on Ray to win the match. But Crusher is feeling the pressure too, not only for himself and his teammates but for his sister, Monica, who is undergoing surgery at the very same time.

From the beginning, the battle is fierce with both Blader's inflicting significant damage. Ray quickly gains the upper hand and it looks like its game over when he starts taking Crusher's Gigars's pieces out. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Monica starts showing signals of weakening as Crusher gets slammed by Ray. It is only when Crusher calls upon the spirit of his brave, little sister that he is filled with the courage and strength necessary to match Ray, at the same time Monica start to recover and fight back her disease.

After partially destroying the miniature-sized city stadium, and having strong motivations, both Beybladers unleash their final, special attacks. After the final clash, Driger and Gigars are seen still spinning and pushing each other mid-air above the totally trashed stadium. They eventually knock each other away as their bladers succumb to exhaustion. A vision of Monica's appears over Gigars, and a piece of the stadium falls, hitting Crusher's Beyblade and forcing it back into the dish, only to explode in pieces due to the severe damages taken throughout the battle. Driger, on the other hand, is still spinning and in one peace - however, it landed out of the dish, making Crusher the winner and putting BEGA two points ahead. Crusher felt as if he shouldn't have won because of the debris interfering with the outcome

Ray is sad, but recognizes Crusher's spirit. Crusher thanks Ray and promises they will have another fight one day, with better circumstances. Crusher goes to the hospital, where he's told that his sister's operation was a success and that she needs to rest.

Major Events[]

  • The second round of Justice Five begins with Ray vs Crusher.
    • Crusher wins the match, giving BEGA a 2-0 lead.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Ray Kon (Driger MS) vs Crusher (Gigars) = Crusher & Gigars