Max to the Max (OK!, OK!) is the forty-fifth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


Now that BEGA is two wins ahead of G Revolutions, it all comes down to Max's fight against Mystel. Max stumbles upon Boris on his way out of the bathroom and Boris asks him to win the match or otherwise the tournament will become "boring" and people will think he cheated to win (a sweep would make things suspicious).

Tyson and the others argue whether Max's signature defensive style will be enough to overcome Mystel's unpredictable and overpowering attack. Max takes this as a sign that his teammates only think he can win if he changes the way he Beyblades altogether.

His confidence shattered, Max isolates himself and does some soul-searching. He receives a morale boost from Rick, who helps Max realize that his trademark style is what made him so successful as a Blader, and it would be foolish not to use it just because the odds are against him. As the match is about to begin, Tyson and the others apologize to Max, who accepts their apology. Mystel jumps down from a very high window, impressing Max.

As the battle begins, Max adopts attacking patterns, surprising everyone. However, Max quickly readopts his defensive style, allowing Poseidon to brutally slam Draciel. It seems Draciel is taking a lot of damage, but Kenny realizes Max is actually adjusting Draciel's pitch so that it takes as little damage as possible from Poseidon's attacks. Eventually, they release their special attacks, with Max's only managing to weaken Poseidon. He manages to hold his ground against Mystel and the match ends in a draw.

The stalemate result isn't the victory that Max desired, but it successfully postpones any chance of losing the tournament for at least one more match. Boris is also pleased by this, as now people can't accuse him of cheating.

Major Events

  • The third round of Justice Five begins with Max vs Mystel; The match ends in a draw.



Featured Beybattles

  • Max Tate (Draciel MS) vs Mystel (Poseidon) = Draw


  • In the English dub:
    • For some reason, Mystel's jump was not shown.


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