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Metal Fury series
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Awaken Anubius!
Kanji 覚醒! アヌビウス
Romaji Kakusei! Anubiusu
Episode Number 5 (4D), 107 (MF)
Epicode 4D005
Series Beyblade: Metal Fury
Arc Legendary Bladers
Previous Episode L-Drago Destructor
Next Episode Requirements of a Warrior
Japanese May 1, 2011
English November 10, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Mercury Anubius 85XF
Main Character Debuts None

Awaken Anubius! (覚醒! アヌビウス, Kakusei! Anubiusu; Awaken! Anubius) is the 5th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and is the 107th episode of the Beyblade Metal Saga. It first aired in Japan on May 1, 2011, and in America on November 10, 2012.


Ryuga and Kyoya continue their battle from the previous episode. L-Drago is absorbing all of Leone's hits without taking any damage. Ryuga then changes L-Drago into its fearsome attack-mode and defeats Kyoya in a single devestating hit knocking Kyoya out cold in the process. Gingka asks Ryuga to join them to which Ryuga is puzzled. Yuki then explains to Ryuga the story of The Star Fragment, the Legendary Bladers, and Nemesis. Ryuga doesn't believe them, and says that the reason for L-Drago's evolution was due to his own power. Gingka pleads to him to believe them and shows him his Cosmic Pegasus. Ryuga notices the new Pegasus, but doesn't think it means anything. Ryuga then challenges Gingka to a Beybattle, vowing to cooperate if Gingka can salvage a victory. The battle begins and is intense from the very start. L-Drago Destructor changes to attack-mode and this allows Ryuga to take the offensive and beat Gingka into a corner. Gingka then test his own mode changes which allow him to turn the tide. Ryuga then claims that he will show Gingka the true power of his reborn L-Drago and he changes his Bey to absorb-mode and drains Gingka's power. Gingka tries to take the battle with Pegasus' Final Drive Mode but Ryuga calls out L-Drago to change into attack-mode and he nails Gingka with a special move, Dragon Emperor Supreme Flight which also cause the volcano to erupt. After the dust settles, Gingka is found lying on the ground defeated. Ryuga has defeated two Legendary Bladers effortlessly and prepares to turn back and leave but Yuki stops him. He launches his Bey and Ryuga does likewise. Ryuga easily beats back Yuki's Anubius but Yuki is determined not to lose and this determination allows him to awaken as a Legendary Blader. But still Ryuga crushes him in a single attack. He tells Gingka and the others that after witnessing Yuki's awakening he now believes their story but to rise to greater heights he will claim the power of the Star Fragment for himself. He then walks away laughing as Gingka begs him to reconsider.

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Beyblade 4D - Episode 5 Awakening! Anubius! - Preview

Beyblade 4D - Episode 5 Awakening! Anubius! - Preview


File:Beyblade: Metal Fury Episode 5 Part 1 2 English Dubbed

File:Beyblade: Metal Fury Episode 5 Part 2 2 English Dubbed

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