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A New Roar!
Kanji 新たなる咆哮!
Romaji Aratanaru hōkō!
Episode Number 10 (4D) 112 (MF)
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Arc Legend Blader
Previous Episode The Strongest Tag Battle, the Gateway to Success
Next Episode Big Bang Tornado
Japanese June 5, 2011
English TBA
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Fang Leone 130W2D
Main Character Debuts None

A New Roar! (新たなる咆哮!, Aratanaru hōkō!) is the 10th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 112th episode of the Metal Saga.


In the first two battles of the second round of the tornament Gateway to Success, Gingka and Yuki and Dashan and Chi-yun easily defeat their opponents. In the third battle of the second round, Kyoya and Benkei face off against Johannes and Motti. Johannes has been a nuisance to Gingka and co in the past, however upon learning that Johannes may be a Legend Blader, Kyoya goes all out against him on his own to see if he truly is one. Benkei then sees that Motti isn't interested in the battle at all and goes to attack but she pleads with him to stop, which he does as Benkei once saw a stray cat before. He then gets angry because he realises he was tricked after Motti attacks him. Benkei goes underground to attack Motti, who afterwards pleads with him again, but Benkei does not fall for it and goes to attack her again, but Johannes sees this and stops Benkei from attacking, Motti thanks Johannes for saving her and falls in love with him until he gets angry and shouts at Motti. He then uses the sand to create a twister which knocks both Benkei and Motti out, leaving just Johannes and Kyoya. Kyoya uses the sand to create a sand version of Lion Gale Force Wall which lifts Beat Lynx into the air and sends it flying into the sky, giving Kyoya and Benkei the win. The next match sees Bao and Aguma battle which they win with ease, sending them into the next round.

Major Events




Featured Beybattles




  • Despite being in a battle in the episode, Scythe Kronos T125EDS is not physically seen.
  • At 18:35 instead of Fang Leone 130W2D there is a Rock Leone145(possibily)WB.


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