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Cosmic Tornado
290px-Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 11(2).jpg
Kanji ビッグバントルネード
Romaji Biggu Ban Torunēdo
Episode Number 11 (4D) 113 (MF)
Epicode 4D011
Series Beyblade: Metal Fury
Arc Legendary Bladers
Previous Episode A New Roar!
Next Episode The God Of Saturn: Kronos
Japanese June 12, 2011
English December 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Cosmic Pegasus F:D
Main Character Debuts None

Cosmic Tornado (ビッグバントルネード, Biggu Ban Torunēdo; Big Bang Tornado) is the 11th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 113th Episode of the Metal Saga. It first aired in Japan on June 12, 2011. and is set to air in America on December 22, 2012.


The semi-finals for the Gateway to Success Tournament have just begun. As the Chinese Blader DJ announces the next match of Gingka and Yuki against Dashan Wang and Chi-yun Li. Bao and Aguma comment on the match to see how powerful the Bladers really are and flashbacks to an earlier time when he and Aguma were training to Beyblade. Two long bridges open to a little circular arena for the battle. Dashan and Chi-Yun jump to the arena with ease while Gingka and Yuki have difficluty crossing the bridge. They cross the bridge and get ready for the battle. The Bladers launch their Beys and begin the battle. In this intense battle, the Beys ram at each other with such force. Dashan and Chi-yun use a Special Move that hits Mercury Anubius 85XF. Due the hard impact Yuki almost falls off the arena prompting Gingka to save him. As they battle, this happens yet again and Yuki almost falls down. Yuki gets tired of this and activates his Legendary Power. Dashan and Chi-yun are shocked and try to defend but Anubius turns the tables and hits them. Though this is not enough as Dashan and Chi-yun use Special Moves that counter-attack the Beys. Gingka, tired of this, activates his Legend Power like Yuki. In a quick flash, Cosmic Pegasus takes the skies and comes rushing down in a tornado-like motion in its new Special Move, "Cosmic Tornado". In this harsh impact, it knocks Rock Zurafa R145WB and Thermal Lacerta WA130HF into the cracks of the Stadium. With this, Gingka annd Yuki have won the battle and will advance to the finals. Later, it is time for Kyoya and Benkei's battle against Bao and Aguma. In this short battle, the Beys defeat Bao's Bey with ease but are knocked out when Aguma reveals his Legendary Power and defeats Fang Leone 130W²D and Dark Bull H145SD. Bao is glad that they have won. Aguma stays silent while his eyes are red from activating his Legendary Blader Powers.

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used


  • Goof: In the German version of the anime Kyoya once said "Crimson Flash" instead of "Purpurner Blitz" or "Purpurblitz" despite the fact that he never heared of the name that Hades Crown has in the english dub.

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