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Showdown at the Tower of Babel! (対決! バベルの塔, Taiketsu! Baberu no Tou) is the 13th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 115th Episode of the Metal Saga.


At the Gateway to Success, after defeating Gingka and Yuki, Aguma and Bao board a helicopter and leave the tournament without even attending the award ceremony. Gingka and Yuki become confused and wonder why they left so soon. However, just before Aguma and Bao board the plane, Johannes sends a cat to spy on them. Later, Aguma and Bao get off the helicopter and start walking until they are stopped by Johannes. Johannes challenges Bao to a battle, where Johannes beats Bao easily. Johannes has an invitation for them and they accept. Meanwhile, Gingka and Co. are contacted by an old friend, Julian Konzern. They wonder why he contacted them while the gang plans to go to Europe to find out the reason. Elsewhere, a new tournament is starting. In a race, Bladers are challenged to climb the tower, whereas on top, they will face a powerful Blader with a powerful Bey. Tsubasa is one of the many Bladers in the crowd to compete while he finds Ryuga, who is attempting to find a Legendary Blader and Kenta too, as Ryuga startles the Blader DJ. The tournament begins and all the Bladers dash to the top of the tower. The Blader DJ gets confused as Ryuga just stood there and did nothing. The other Bladers shoot their Beys at them. Tsubasa dodges it and launches his Earth Eagle at them, which stops them. However, he is stopped by Kenta who challenged him. They battle with their Beys and although Kenta unleashes his full potential, he still takes a loss by Tsubasa. Tsubasa eventually makes it to the top where he finds Ryuga with his Bey L-Drago Destructor F:S . Tsubasa and Ryuga battle where Ryuga gains the advantage. Eventually, L-Drago Destructor throws Earth Eagle due to a so-called Ultimate Move; Dragon Emperor Life Destructor. Tsubasa crumbles to the floor as he takes a loss. Ryuga now faces the Tower Champion but the so-called powerful Blader is left in fear at Ryuga and shows Ryuga his Bey. With this Ryuga knows he is not a Legendary Blader and is furious at this, as he crushes the Bey with his foot and destroys the Tower of Babel. Ryuga leaves with Kenta, as Tsubasa asks Kenta not to follow Ryuga since he's too dangerous. Kenta is not worried, but asks Tsubasa to not to tell Gingka about this. Meanwhile at the airport, Gingka and Co. bid their farewell at Team Wang Hu Zhong as the Bladers board their flight to Europe, to see what Julian needs them for.

Major Events[]

  • Aguma and Bao form an alliance with Johannes.
  • Kenta and Ryuga encounter Tsubasa and engage him in battle with Tsubasa being victorious with Kenta but is slaughtered in the fight with Ryuga.
  • The Babel Tower Tournament ends with Ryuga as the winner.
  • Tsubasa reveals to Kenta  that he is training to be a Legendary Blader and is searching for the Legendary Bladers seperately from Gingka's team as ordered from the WBBA.



Featured Beybattles[]

Special Moves Used[]


  • In this episode Tsubasa battles Kenta and Ryuga for the third time since Metal Fusion.
  • Oddly, all of the average bladers were using the original launcher grips (Beypointer), while most of the international bladers use 3-Segment Launcher Grips (Beypoint Card)


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