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I am the Champion!
Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 17(2)
Kanji オレさまこそがチャンピオン!
Romaji Ore-sama koso ga chanpion!
Episode Number 17 (4D) 119 (MF)
Epicode 4D017
Series Beyblade: Metal Fury
Arc Legendary Blader
Previous Episode Finished! The New Striker
Next Episode The Labyrinth of Mist Mountain
Japanese July 24, 2011
English September 15, 2012 (Movie)

February 9, 2013 (Episode)

Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Variares D:D
Main Character Debuts None

I am the Champion! (オレさまこそがチャンピオン!, Ore-sama koso ga chanpion!) is the 17th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 119th episode of the Metal Saga. It aired on September 15, 2012 in America as a part of a movie, Destroyer Dome.It aired February 9, 2013 as an episode.


It's the final round of the Destroyer Dome competition. The A Block winners Toby, Zeo, and Tsubasa are joined with the B Block winners Jigsaw, King, and Masamune to face off in the final battle royale. King and Masamune continue to fight over who will win but Jigsaw interjects claiming he'll best the both of them. Tsubasa also reminds them about Jigsaw's special move that ended the B Block round. However, Masamune still does not seem to see Jigsaw as a strong blader. Gingka, Yuki and Madoka are watching from the sidelines, keeping their eyes on Jigsaw whom they suspect may be a Legendary Blader while cheering for their friends. Jigsaw uses the invisible move with his Forbidden Eonis when Zeo attempts to attack him. Tsubasa then uses a new special move that cancels out the waves created by Forbidden Eonis and becomes visible again. Madoka finds out that Tsubasa used a shockwave to expose Ionis. Jigsaw goes after Tsubasa but Zeo and Toby stops him with the combined special move Double String Typhoon. However, it is not enough to defeat Jigsaw. In turn, Jigsaw launches his powerful special move. King, Masamune and Tsubasa are able to protect their Beys, and Variares and Striker enter defensive mode, but Zeo and Toby are eliminated. Masamune goes after Jigsaw to avenge his friends' defeat but King cuts in and defeats Jigsaw which also begins to crack the staduim support beams. This is when Gingka, Madoka, Yuki, Masamune and Tsubasa realize that Variares is a reverse rotating Bey. Yuki, Gingka and Madoka try to figure out more about this Beyblade. It can spin either to the left or to the right and the group wonders whether there is some connection with bi-directional spinning Beyblades like Gravity Destroyer and Variares, and thought that Variares is very likely to be the basis for Gravity Destroyer. They also begin to suspect that King is the Legendary Blader and not Jigsaw whom they had previously thought might be the one. King and Masamune continue to battle it out when Tsubasa joins in. Even with the joint attacks from Masamune and Tsubasa, King is still holding strong and loving every minute of the battle. Finally, Tsubasa launches his special move and King gets so pumped from the battle, he activates his legend power and executes his special move which ultimately defeats Tsubasa. With each special move launched by King, the stadium supports cracks even more and finally breaks. The Sphere rolls out of the stadium and Masamune and King run along inside while still battling. However, they are also able to exchange mutual admiration towards each other and King tells him how he got his Bey when following a shooting star one night. The Sphere finally rolls into a body of water and the two Bladers amicably battle to see who is number one. Ultimately, King is the winner and his hair returns to its normal color. Meanwhile, Gingka, Yuki and Madoka catches up with them in time to see the two Bladers laughing. Tsubasa catches up to them. Masamune calls King a Legendary Blader. King while not comprehending why, jovially accepts the title. Masamune then asks him his real name, but he angrily insists that it is "King".

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