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The Maze of Mist Mountain (ミストマウンテンの迷宮, Misuto Maunten no Meikyū) is the eighteenth episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury. It aired on February 16, 2013 in America.


Gingka and group arrive in Africa where a Star Fragment is said to have landed. Their destination is the Mist Mountain, also known as the "Mountain of No Return". With the help of Nile and Demure, Gingka and Co. arrived at the Mist Mountain, only to see a huge maze in front of them. Using his map, Nile leads them through the maze. Johannes, Aguma and his followers follow Gingka and Co. through the maze at a safe distance. After walking a long distance, Gingka and Co. take a break. Madoka accidentally placed her hand on the wall, triggering a trap hole below her. Quickly Gingka managed to grab her, preventing her from falling into the darkness.

After pulling her out, Gingka himself triggers a trap and falls to a ground with nearly complete darkness. Gingka still manages to send them a message. Gingka told them that he saw something bright in the darkness and wanted to investigate. At first, his friends were reluctant, but had given in to Gingka. They told him that they will be proceeding on with the maze and asked him to take care. Gingka ran towards the bright light, just when the pillars on the sides collapsed. He finds a stranger, who is looking for something. Gingka went up to him and wanted to talk to him. He thought that Gingka was trying to stop him from searching for his treasure's and challenged him to a Bey battle. Gingka readily accepted. It was an intense battle as both Beybladers used their special moves against one another. The battle ended with huge explosion near the others location.

A mysterious Bey flew straight towards them and landed on the ground spinning. It was followed by Pegasus flying out from the dust caused by the explosion and sleeping out. Gingka jumped out and grabbed his Bey. His friends were stunned as they could not believe Gingka managed to have a Bey battle even if he was trapped. The stranger ran forward and catched his Bey, Omega Dragonis 85XF. It was then when he first introduced himself as Ryuto, claiming to be a treasure hunter. He decides to assist the group on their quest.

Major Events[]

  • Gingka and co. arrive in Africa and reunites with Team Wild Fang.
  • Gingka and co. enter the Mist Valley maze.
  • Gingka and co. encounter Ryuto, a treasure hunter.
  • Ryuto uses the beyblade, Omega Dragonis 85XF.
  • Gingka has a battle with Ryuto and wins.
  • Ryuto joins the group to find the Legendary Bladers.



Featured Beybattles[]

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