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The Four Season Bladers (四季の戦士(ブレーダー), Shiki no Burēdā) is the 22nd episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 124th episode of the Metal Saga.


The reason why the power of the Star lies within Pegasus and Fang Leone 130W2D was because it had been established that their power dwells in the constellations which govern the Four Seasons, in order to face the threat of Nemesis. Not only are Gingka and his friends astonished by this new fact, but so are Johannes and the others. However, Aguma, who hasn't decided his fate after his battle against Kyoya, attacks Gingka and his friends and continues to mock Kyoya about his so-called self-reliance. Kyoya got super angry and started to use his special move to destroy everything, but Gingka and Nile managed to stop him. Kyoya then leaves much to Benkei Hanawas sadness.

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  • This episode was initially thought to be called "The Warriors of the Four Seasons" due to the inclusion of shiki in its Romanised title.
  • Goof: When Johannes is provoking Gingka about Kyoya leaving them, Aguma's glove is missing in the background.
  • This is the first episode in the whole entire Beyblade anime series to have an error/goof. The second was The Lost Kingdom where Aguma's mouth does not move, and the third was The Tenacious Special Move where Flash Sagittario hits Diablo Nemesis instead of Fusion Hades.
  • Goof: Back in the scene with the ancestors, Dynamis' ancestor and Tithi's ancestor suddenly switched hair colors for a moment.
  • During their rematching clash at Dynamis's temple, Aguma provoked and mocked Kyoya about his self-reliance which made Kyoya extremely furious, causing him to nearly destroy everything and turn against everyone in the same way Tsubasa turned against everyone when his inner darkness from the dark power had reached maximum level, causing him to destroy everything while also leaving him in a maniacal state in the episode The Third Match: On the Edge.
  • Madoka mentions Tetsuya as a potential legendary blader of winter.

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