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The Battle of Beyster Island
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Kanji ベイスター島の戦い
Romaji Beisutā tō no tatakai
Episode Number 23 (4D) 125 (MF)
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Arc Legendary Blader
Previous Episode The Bladers of the Four Seasons
Next Episode Furious! The Two Big Battles
Japanese September 4, 2011
English March 23, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Blitz Unicorno 100RSF
Main Character Debuts Chris

The Battle of Beyster Island (ベイスター島の戦い, Beisutā tō no tatakai) is the 23th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 125th episode of the Metal Saga


At the beginning, in order to confirm whether the Legendary Blader who governs another season of the Four Seasons is, Masamune, Gingka and his friends participate in the "Beyster Island Championships". However, Johannes and the others also do the same thing. Ryuga also arrives via a scarlet thunderbolt for the same reason. Gingka spots a Blader with an exact resemblance to Kenta in a brown cloak and hat and follows him with Yuki in tow. Fierce battles commence at each place at the beginning of the tournament. Starting with Gingka, Yuki and Benkei and the others smoothly win and advance to the next round as well. And importantly, Masamune clashes with Bao of the Beylin Fist. Furthermore, at a different location, Aguma and King collide, it's a showdown of Solar System Beys. But, as all these battles are happening, Gingka is looking for Kenta. Back to the battles of Aguma and King, they use their best they have to offer and Aguma loses after a hard match, however Masamune defeats Bao quite easily.

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used



  • The name of the episode title and location is a pun on Easter Island.
  • The "Beyster Island Championship" appears to contain the same basis as the Survival Island from back in Metal Fusion; Bladers continually battle other random Bladers until there is only one left.
  • This is the first time King has used the D:D tip change.
  • At 5:11, you can see Chris in the crowd at the bottom left.


as "King Lion Crushing Blast" rather than King Lion Crushing Fang.


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