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Two Big Fierce Battles! (激烈!二大バトル, Gekiretsu! Ni dai batoru) is the twenty-fourth episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury.


Battles unfold at each location of Beyster Island. Ryuga raises his Dragon aura, and draws closer to the leading group at a terrifying speed despite being the last entrant. However, King is interested in that strength, and personally challenges him to a match. Meanwhile, Gingka chases after Kenta and heads onto a ferry anchored at a lake. The joy of their reunion is cut short, so Kenta, who is awaiting him, challenges Gingka to a match. Having accepted the match in recognition of Kenta's seriousness, Gingka is surprised at the fact that Flame Sagittario C145S has become much stronger than before. He even managed to acquire a new special move. Meanwhile, Ryuga seems to be winning but King doesn't give up. He gains momentum and the fight continues. It seemed like King was going to win but Ryuga beat him. Gingka defeats Kenta and Ryuga defeats King in the two awesome matches that both ended in a huge bang. So both Gingka and Ryuga advance to the next round.

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  • This episode aired on the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Towers Attack.
  • This is the first time Kenta has used a special move other than Flame Claw.
  • Had Kenta been able to control his new special move, Diving Claw, Gingka would have most likely lost.
  • Before the episode was aired, it was thought it was called: "Furious! The Two Great Battles!
  • This is the first episode where Kenta looks different in the credits.


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