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Orion's Whereabouts (オリオンの行方, Orion no Yukue) is the twenty-sixth episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury.


After defeating Masamune at the final stage, Chris is suddenly possessed by a darker attitude. Johannes steps in to try and recruit Chris to the Dark Side but both Gingka and Ryuga refuse to allow it to happen, thus, a battle of massive proportion begins. Orion takes on both Pegasus and Variares, while Kronos battles Anubius. Meanwhile Lyra, Fox and Bull take on Crown and the Beylin Fist beyblades. To prevent any damage to his plans, Johannes manages to escape by commanding Aguma to use his special move to create a distraction, and the Nemesis bladers and Chris disappear with the rest, failing L-Drago's attempt to steal Orion's star fragment. At the end, Pluto corrupts Dynamis by controlling his amulet, and turns him into Dark Dynamis.

Major Events[]

  • Johannes ask Chris to join the dark side and he accepts in return they will grant his wish.
  • Johannes recruits Chris to the Nemesis bladers.
  • The Nemsis Bladers Battle Gingka's group
  • Ryuga and Chris battle which ends up having no outcome
  • Ryuga beats Johannes
  • The "Hooded Blader" from the Nemesis Temple's name is revealed to be named Pluto.
  • Pluto uses the Curse of Hades on Dynamis turning him into Dark Dynamis.



Featured Beybattles[]

Special Moves used[]


  • Third time a character is inflicted with, and possessed by a dark power. (Eagle Counterattacks, The Furious Final Battle
  • It is the first time Masamune is seen crying in this episode.
  • For an unknown reason, Channel Eleven forgot to air this episode through the first run of the series in Austrailia. It was later aired on July 5, 2013, a day after the season finale aired.

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