4D031 : The God of Destruction, Resurrected!?
Metal Fury series
4D033 : The Child of Nemesis
Rago 2 This article is about an episode of the anime that has not yet been aired dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

Sagittario's Blow
Kanji サジタリオの一撃
Romaji Sajitario no ichigeki
Episode Number 32 (4D) 134 (MF)
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Arc Legend Blader
Previous Episode The God of Destruction, Resurrected!?
Next Episode The Child of Nemesis
Japanese November 6, 2011
English TBA
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Flame Sagittario C145S
Main Character Debuts N/A

Sagittario's Blow (サジタリオの一撃 sajitario no ichigeki) is the 32nd episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 134th episode of the Metal Saga.


The sinister power of Proto Nemesis affected L-Drago too. In order to stop Ryuga from drawing himself towards the forces of darkness again, Kenta challenges him to a battle. No matter how many times he is beaten by Ryuga, Kenta stands up for the sake of Gingka, and for his friends. And then, having become injured all over his body, he finally delivers a Special Spin Move with all his might to L-Drago. Despite this, Kenta is still no match for Ryuga as L-Drago defeats Sagittario by digging it into a rock. However, L-Drago's Face Bolt has become cracked as a result. In a helicopter, Gingka and his friends are flying to an ancient temple.

Major Events

  • Ryuga becomes overflowed with dark energy which vanishes after a battle with Kenta.
  • L-Drago Destroy's Face Bolt becomes cracked.



Featured Beybattles

  • Ryuga (L-Drago Destroy F:S) vs Kenta Yumiya (Flame Sagittario C145S) = Ryuga and L-Drago

Special Moves used


  • If you fast faward to 08:56 on the episode, when L-Drago Destroy switches to Sharp on his tip. Yu's Flame Libra would appear insted of Kenta's Flame Sagittario.


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