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To the Final Battleground Part 2 (導かれし運命, Michibikareshi Unmei; Guided Fate) is the forty-second episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury.


Gingka and the others are locked in a melee at the heliport when Johannes and Co. showed up to interfere. When it became a critical moment in which they are forced into a defensive battle, Aguma takes part in the fight. Rejecting Johannes and Co., he decides to fight together with Gingka and the others as one of the Legendary Bladers. But in the meantime, the moment of the God of Destruction's revival is drawing near.

Major Events

  • Johannes and his Gang attempt to sabotage the Legendary Bladers journey to The Lost Kingdom, but ultimately fail.
  • Aguma officially joins the good side.
  • The Lost Kingdom surfaces.



Featured Beybattles


  • This is the last episode to feature Johannes.




HD Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Episode 144 Guided Fate

HD Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Episode 144 Guided Fate

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