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Guided Fate
4D042 Title Card
Kanji 導かれし運命
Romaji Michibikareshi unmei
Episode Number 42 (4D), 144 (MF)
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Arc Rise of Nemesis
Previous Episode To the Decisive Battle's Location
Next Episode The Lost Kingdom
Japanese January 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Scythe Kronos T125EDS
Main Character Debuts None

Guided Fate (導かれし運命, Michibikareshi unmei) is the 42nd episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 144th episode of the Metal Saga. It aired. on the January 22nd 2012.


Gingka and the others are locked in a melee at the heliport when Johannes and Co. showed up to interfere. When it became a critical moment in which they are forced into a defensive battle, Aguma takes part in the fight. Rejecting Johannes and Co., he decides to fight together with Gingka and the others as one of the Legendary Bladers. But in the meantime, the moment of the God of Destruction's revival is drawing near.

Major Events



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