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The Lost Kingdom Part 2 (破壊神(ネメシス)VS竜皇(エルドラゴ), Hakaishin (Nemeshisu) VS Ryūō (Erudorago); Nemesis VS L-Drago) is the forty-fourth episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury.


Dring the match between Nemesis and L-Drago, was a one-sided event which lead to Nemesis gaining the upper hand with hardly any effort. Ryuga, shell-shocked and mystified to see the intense, dreadful dark power of Nemesis more awe-strucking than his L-Drago, tried, ultimately, to get stronger than it is. Ryuga is overwhelmed and overpowered by Nemesis and he falls into an unprecedented predicament. He lies on the floor, thinking that it's absolutely hopeless of defeating the God of Desruction, Nemesis. Doji tells Ryuga with an ugly sneer that he's just a pathetic worm, crawling pitifully on ground in front of a God(Rago). Despite having nasty wounds all over his body, Ryuga uses his full-power; his special move, Dragon Emperor Life Destructor. Fire surrounds Ryuga, making an insanely enormous, fiery  explosion. However, to Ryuga's astonishment, Nemesis didn't even flinch. Eventually, Rago uses his special move, Armageddon, which make a huge explosion and crushes L-Drago Destructor F:S. Ryuga is smashed backwards, dying as he flies into the air. He crashes helplessly onto the ground. Rago emerges victorious effortlessly without using half of his power. The episode ends with Kenta wrathfully howling for revenge over Ryuga being crushed so mercilessly and utterly, with L-Drago Destructor frayed.

Major Events

  • Ryuga battles Rago and loses.
  • Doji falls off a building due to Ryuga's Special Move and seemingly dies.
  • Ryuga becomes severely weakened.



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  • This episode marks the second time that Ryuga has suffered a loss, the first being Blader's Spirit, 96 episodes before.
  • This episode makes it the second time that Ryuga has "killed" Doji.
  • Goof: Ryuga's scar on his cheek is thick when he is shocked that his special move failed, but when he is knocked unconscious, the scar is back into thin.