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Nemesis VS L-Drago
Kanji 破壊神(ネメシス)VS竜皇(エルドラゴ)
Romaji Nemeshisu VS Erudorago
Episode Number 44 (4D), 146 (MF)
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Arc Rise of Nemesis
Previous Episode The Lost Kingdom
Next Episode TBA
Japanese February 5, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey
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Nemesis VS L-Drago (破壊神(ネメシス)VS竜皇(エルドラゴ), Nemeshisu VS Erudorago) is the 44th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 146th episode of the Metal Saga. It will air on the 5th February 2012.


The match between Nemesis and L-Drago, who appeared to be evenly matched, turned into a one-sided trampling down which lead to Nemesis making a serious effort. L-Drago, who boasted of being the strongest, is overwhelmed by Nemesis and Ryuga falls into an unprecedented predicament. Despite having wounds over his body, Ryuga puts winning or losing at stake with an Ultimate Spin Move in which he put his heart and soul into. However, it appears that Nemesis' power exceeds even that.



Featured Beybattles

Ryuga and L-Drago Destroy F:S vs Rago and Diablo Nemesis X:D= TBA




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