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4D044 : The Lost Kingdom (Part 2)
Metal Fury series
4D046 : The Missing Star of the Four Seasons (Part 2)
The Missing Star of the Four Seasons
Kanji 欠けた四季の星座
Romaji Kaketa shiki no seiza
Episode Number 45 (4D), 147 (MF)
Epicode 4D045
Series Metal Fury
Arc The Final Battle!
Previous Episode The Lost Kingdom (Part 2)
Next Episode The Missing Star of the Four Seasons (Part 2)
Japanese February 12, 2012
English June 22, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Brave Heart
Ending Destiny
Episode Notes
Featured Bey L-Drago Destructor F:S
Main Character Debuts None

The Missing Star of the Four Seasons Part 1 (欠けた四季の星座, Kaketa shiki no seiza) is the 45th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury and the 147th episode of the Metal Saga. It aired on the 12th February 2012.


Ryuga, who was boasted of being the strongest, finally fell and any means of stopping the God of Destruction were lost. Rago emerges victorious effortlessly. Gingka and the others don't give up and challenge him to a battle, but Nemesis, who had obtained the power of all the star fragments, repels their attacks. Aguma makes a plan to attack Nemesis and sends King and Tithi to attack it until it switches to an Xtreme Flat tip so it's defenses are weakened. They do so and Aguma and other Legendary Bladers attack one by one with their special moves. But, despite all the attacks, Nemesis was still spinning much to the amazement of everyone to which Rago says that he switched to a defense type performance tip instead of an attack tip. The plan fails and Nemesis repeatedly attacks and wears out all the opposing bladers who lose their hope. Sudden, Ryuga becomes conscious and get up and chooses to give the power of the star to Kenta, one of his friends at this season. With Kenta's new power, the Legendary Bladers starts to fight back. But is this power enough to stop Nemesis?

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves Used


  • This is the first time Diablo Nemesis X:D has used its Ultimate Balance Mode.
  • It appears that Diablo Nemesis has the beast of Blitz Striker 100RSF, Earth Eagle 145WD, Flame Libra T125ES, and Flame Sagittario C145S, despite them not being absorbed yet. Rago comments on this by saying that when he absorbed the power of the Legendary Bladers, he was also able to absorb the power of the beys that they fought with as well.
  • This episode marks Ryuga's 2nd loss in a beyblade battle. First being to Gingka Hagane.
  • Ryuga narrates the Japanese preview of the next episode, and this is the first time he had done so.




Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Episode 147 - The Missing Constellation of the Four Seasons - Preview

Preview- Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Episode 147-The Missing Constellation of the Four Seasons

File:Beyblade: Metal Fury - Episode 36 - The Missing Star of the Four Seasons English Dubbed HD-1


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