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Pegasus Has Landed (舞い降りた天馬(ペガシス)! Maiorita Tenma (Pegashisu)!) is the first episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the first episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Somewhere, a Beyblade tournament is unfolding. Kenta Yumiya, a kid who loves Beyblade, is trying to win the tournament with his Beyblade, Flame Sagittario C145S. Meanwhile, a boy, is walking along the road and immediately sleeps on a water tower.

Kenta won all of his matches in the ongoing tournament, before being defeated. Despite this, he knows that he will get stronger with his Sagittario and beat the tournament. However, the Beyblade group called the Face Hunters ambush Kenta. The Face Hunters are a rogue Beyblade squad who beat weaker opponents so they may steal their Bey points. One member named Benkei Hanawa challenges Kenta to a battle. Just when the Face Hunters are about to defeat Kenta and steal his Bey Points, a blue Beyblade comes striking at the Face Hunter's Bey.

The boy, Gingka Hagane, then reveals himself and exclaims, "Hey, Beyblading is supposed to be fun. You gang up on someone, you're not a true blader." He gets his Bey, Storm Pegasus and beats all five of the Face Hunters. The Face Hunters get frightened and cower away in fear.

Later, Gingka and Kenta walk along the road. He thanks Gingka for saving him and wants to be a Blader just like him. Gingka tells him of the "Blader's Spirit"; that it does not matter what type or how powerful a Beyblade is, it just matters the heart of the Blader that knows their Bey will win. Kenta does not understand it but goes with it anyway. As Gingka falls asleep on the grass, Kenta goes home. The Face Hunters go to their leader Kyoya Tategami, and apologize for not defeating Gingka. Kyoya tells them to use what ever they can to make Gingka lose.

The next day, the Face Hunters confront and capture Gingka as an act of revenge at how Gingka defeated them. Later, Kenta leaves his friends to go find Gingka and to become stronger. Although he cannot find him, Kenta sees the face hunter in a tower and finds Gingka there

When Kenta arrives to see Gingka, he is challenged onto a 1 vs. One Hundred Bey Battle. With all the 100 Bey's dashing all around Gingka it seems unlikely for him to win. Still, he pulls out his Storm Pegasus and launches it. Storm Pegasus unleashes its full power and defeats every single Bey. Kenta, the Face Hunters, and Kyoya are amazed at how one Bey could defeat 100 Beys. Kenta then begins to understand the "Blader's Spirit" and because of that, Gingka won. As Gingka and Kenta are reunited, they are confronted by Kyoya who says that finally a worthy opponent for him has made himself known showing Gingka his Rock Leone 145WB.

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  • In the English dub version, when Benkei's Bey hits him in the groin, the scene's video was paused, while the audio of that scene was still intact.