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Warriors on the Deserted Island (孤島の戦士たち Kotō no senshi-tachi) is the 21st episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime. The English dubbed version was first shown on September 4, 2010 on Cartoon Network in North America.


The Survival Battle continues with Gingka winning all his matches. Hikaru and Kyoya get an intermediary challenge from some amateur Beybladers, which they easily beat. Hyoma, who had remained hidden behind the leaves, decides to challenge Kyoya as well, however he gets defeated by Kyoya's wind attacks, but not before Leone's performance tip gets majorly cracked. Meanwhile, Benkei takes care of Kenta's broken hand by bandaging it, and the two Bladers meet Yu, a young competitor just like them. He leads them to the health station in the woods of the island. On another side of it, Osamu learns to use his new Angle Compass, and the three friends, now more confident in their power form a new team, OTA. Coincidentally, Gingka and Madoka get intercepted by three dark Bladers who want to seem menacing, but Gingka immediately waves at them with a smile on his face when he discovers that they are Osamu, Takashi, and Akira. Hikaru challenges Yu, Benkei and Kenta to a fight, and it is there that they discover how powerful this small kid actually is: their Beyblades all get absorbed towards Yu's Flame Libra by a sand trap, and at the end he uses a shocking special attack which illuminates the whole island in green light.

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