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The Fearsome Libra (戦慄のりブラ, Senritsu no Ribura) is the 22nd episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It aired on September 5th, 2010 in North America.


Continuing the Survival Battle tournament, Gingka Hagane, Madoka Amano and Kyoya Tategami find Kenta Yumiya, Benkei Hanawa and Hikaru Hasama unconscious on the ground. Benkei and Kenta tell Kyoya and Gingka what happened, after that, Gingka and Kyoya. discovers that Flame Libra T125ES was still spinning, while Storm Aquario, Flame Sagittario and Dark Bull were stopped making Libara the winner. Later, Yu Tendo appears and tells Gingka, Kyoya, and Madoka that they'll have to fight him, as a final battle on the tournament. Blader DJ tells everyone that the battle is going to be shown worldwide. Before the battle starts, Yu talks with Kyoya and he gets mad. The battle starts with Rock Leone attacking Flame Libra. Libra looks really bad, but he recovers. Madoka finds out that he has a secret on his Performance Tip, Eternal Sharp (ES). After that, Pegasus starts attacking Libra but fails. Then, Kyoya uses his Special Move, Lion Gale Force Wall. Not enough for Flame Libra, he trespasses his Special Move. Kyoya gets mad and he activates the Special Move "King Lion Tearing Blast". Libra counter-attacks with his "Sonic Wave" Special Move. Rock Leone's Performance Tip gets trapped in Sonic Wave's sand, decreasing Rock Leone's stamina due to that his Tip has cracked. If Kyoya dosen't stop Rock Leone's Special Move, his tip could be destroyed. Everyone tells him to stop the special move, but Kyoya won't listen to them. Kenta and Benkei has no other choice than launch their Beys to stop Rock Leone, but since that's against the rules, Madoka decides to launch a Beyblade to stop Rock Leone. She launches the blade and successfully, stops Rock Leone's special move. After that, Rock Leone's Tip and Track are almost destroyed. Kyoya walks into the stadium to pick up Rock Leone and forfeit the match. He gets eliminated, leaving Gingka and Yu battling. Kyoya becomes angry with Madoka after leaving saying next time he won't go easy. Beneki tells her its Kyoya's way of saying thanks. Flame Libra activates "Sonic Destruction" Special Move, leaving Storm Pegasus trapped in the sand. Storm Pegasus gets out of the sand and stops Libra's Special Move. Libra performs another Special Move, "Last Inferno Judgement". Storm Pegasus gets trapped in Last Inferno Judgement. Gingka thinks on a plan to defeat Yu. He performs Pegasus Starblast Attack and attacks Flame Libra. The battle ends in an explosion, and Storm Pegasus loses. Yu wins the battle and thanks Gingka for battling him. Yu wins the tournament and chooses a wish, which is a tournament called "Battle Bladers".

Major Events

  • Hikaru, Kenta and Benkei are defeated by Yu, thus eliminating them from the Survival Battle.
  • Yu, Gingka and Kyoya start the final battle.
  • Madoka who is still in the tournament launches her Bey in to the stadium to save Rock Leone from breaking.
  • Both Madoka and Kyoya are eliminated, due to Madoka saving Kyoya and Kyoya forfeiting his match.
  • Yu beats Gingka to win the Survival battle.
  • Yu announces his wish, a tournament called Battle Bladers.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves Used


  • Yu shows off how strong he is by beating Kyoya and Gingka.