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Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation
Kanji ダークキャンサーのカニカニ大作戦
Romaji "Daaku Kyansaa no kani kani daisakusen"
Episode Number 28
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Series {{{series}}}
Arc Battle Bladers Arc
Previous Episode Intruders in the Challenge Match
Next Episode Kenta and Sora
Japanese October 11, 2009
English Flag of United States September 26, 2010
Theme Music
Opening Metal Fight Beyblade
Ending Boys ~Hikari Kagayaku Ashita He~
Episode Notes
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Dark Gasher's Big, Crabby-Crabby Operation is the 28th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It aired on September 26, 2010.


Major Events

Tetsuya's Mad Gasher evolves into Dark Gasher.

Characters Seen

Beyblades Seen

  • Dark Gasher (Featured; Debut)
  • Storm Pegasus
  • Dark Bull


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