Kenta and Sora (ケンタと宇宙 Kenta to Sora) is the 29th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It first aired on October 2, 2010.


As Kenta is advancing through a tournament, Sora, who calls himself Gingka's #1 apprentice, steps in and challenges him to a battle. He decides to make it a quick win and uses a move he tries to copy from Gingka: "Cyber Starblast Attack". However, he fails to successfully land his move and loses with a stadium out. Later, Kenta finds Sora training on a beach and asks him how he became Gingka's #1 apprentice. Sora then tells that he saw Gingka use his special move, and that after winning the battle, Gingka looked right into Sora's eyes and thus told him to become as good as he was. Later, they train together and Kenta tells Sora the things he learnt from Gingka, and tells him to find his own special move. They then enter a tournament that involves doing a form of Beyblading parkour. Although Sora launched too late, he almost wins using his Bey to destroy the obstacles rather then avoid them. He later finds himself pushing a log up a waterfall together with Kenta who is using his special move. Sora then uses his new special move "Avalanche Boost" to destroy the logs but ends up losing by landing badly on the floor. Later that day, he tells Kenta that he will train hard to become just as strong as him and Gingka. Then the two part ways.

Major Events

  • Sora makes his first appearance.
  • Kenta battles Sora and wins.
  • Sora creates a new special move, Avalanche Boost.
  • Kenta wins the Challenge Course.
  • First episode were Gingka does not appear.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves Used


  • This the first time any Cyber Beyblade ever appeared in the Metal Saga.
  • Gingka only appears in flashbacks in this episode.


Beyblade Episode 29 Kenta And Sora HQ (Full)

Beyblade Episode 29 Kenta And Sora HQ (Full)

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