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The Stormy Battle Royal (嵐のバトルロイヤル Arashi no Batoru Roiyaru) is the thirty-second episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the thirty-second episode of the Metal Saga overall.


After the heated battles in the first round Blader DJ announces that Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya, Kyoya Tategami, Hyoma, Yu Tendo and Tsubasa Otori will be moving on to the final round. Kenta tells Benkei Hanawa how excited he is to battle strong bladers. Then Yu congralutes Kenta on beating Dan and Rekaki but tells Benkei he is disapointed for losing to Tsubassa. Benkei yells at Yu to not mention that. Yu then leaves and Benkei wonders why Yu acts all goofy if he is a Dark Nebula blader while Kenta wonders the same thing. Doji looks into the bladers who moved on feeling disappointed with Dan Sodo and Reiki Sodo for losing to Kenta. He then decides to turn the finals into a battle royal and tells the WBBA this. Yu mentions Doji being a genus's for this idea while Tsubassa says that he will beat Gingka this battle. Blader DJ announces that their battle will be a 6 Man Battle Royal, he states that each one of them have an opportunity to win.

Kenta is worried that all his opponents are strong but is surprised at himself about how far he has made it and has the opportunity to battle all these strong opponents.

The battle begins as all six Bladers launch fiercely into the arena. quickly the target becomes Gingka being attacked by Tsubasa and his Earth Eagle. Yu then reminds Tsubasa about their plan, but he disregards it and keeps focusing on defeating Gingka. Kyoya tries to end it fast as he uses his special move King Lion Tearing Blast. Tsubasa's bey then gets caught by the wind and shows his carelessness; while Kyoya reminds them that Gingka isn't there only opponent.

Gingka then uses the help from Kyoya to repel Eagle while Hyoma and Kenta make their pretense known as they attack Yu's Libra with their combined strength, they repel Libra but that leads Tsubasa and Yu to devise a plan to take out all beys not Pegasus quickly. Yu then starts to attack Kenta and decides to cut their battle short as he activates one of his special moves, but Kyoya's Leone repels Libra in order to save Kenta while Tsubasa targets Hyoma's Aries.

Tsubasa attacks fiercely until Hyoma counters with a special move Wind Storm Assault to cancel out his attack. Tsubasa then figures out that his attack cannot be cancelled out from above so he uses his special move Metal Wing Smash to eliminate Hyoma from the battle.

Kyoya and Kenta work together to try to eliminate Yu by using there special moves together, Kenta's special move knocks Libra into the arena but still spinning barely, but is grinding against the arena but they spoke to soon as Libra's Eternal Sharp performance tip to regain balance and speed. Yu tries to go battle Pegasus with Tsubasa but Kyoya attempts to stop him but is stopped by Libra's special move Sonic Wave trapping Leone and Saggitario in sand.

Libra then tries to eliminate everybody by using his special move Inferno Blast, but Tsubasa counters with a special move Counter Stance to stop Libra's shockwave production but Kyoya activates his special move Lion Gale Force Wall. Gingka commands Pegasus to try to create a vacuum to cancel out all the special moves in the arena and succeeds but collides with eagle and Libra causing an explosion that eliminates all 3 of them leaving Kyoya and Kenta left. Kyoya works fast and creates a tornado and eliminates Kenta winning him the battle royal and the tournament. Kyoya than laughs as he wins the tournament.

Major Events

  • Doji turns the tournament finals into a battle royal.
  • Phoenix debuts.
  • Kyoya wins the battle royal.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used


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