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MF034 : Shine, Virgo!
Metal Fusion series
MF036 : Broken Wings

L-Drago on the Move
Beyblade MEetal Fusion Episode 35.png
Kanji エルドラゴ始動
Romaji "Eru Dorago shidou"
Episode Number 35
Epicode MF035
Series Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Arc Battle Bladers Arc
Previous Episode Shine, Virgo!
Next Episode Broken Wings
Japanese November 29, 2009
English Flag of United States.png November 6, 2010
Theme Music
Opening Metal Fight Beyblade
Ending Boys ~Hikari Kagayaku Ashita He~
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Lightning L-Drago 100HF
Main Character Debuts None

L-Drago on the Move is the 35th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It aired on November 6, 2010.


Ryuga travels around the country, winning tournaments to gain Beypoints in order to enter Battle Bladers. Meanwhile Tsubasa tries to collect data on L-Drago. Doji finds out about this and sends some Dark Nebula Bladers to stop him whom he handily defeats. Ryuga then shows up and challenges Tsubasa to a battle.

Main Events

  • Ryuga starts winning a bunch a tournaments, gaining over 38,000 points.
  • Ryutaro and Tobio join the Dark Nebula after being defeated by Ryuga.
  • Doji learns that Gingka has lost all his beypoints.
  • Tsubasa betrays the Dark Nebula.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used