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Clash! The Fireblaze vs. The Pegasus (激突!不死鳥(フェニックス)VS天馬(ペガシス) "Gekitotsu! Fushichou (Fenikkusu) VS Tenba (Pegashisu)) is the thirty-ninth episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the thirty-ninth episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Gingka Hagane battles against Phoenix for the second time. As he battles, Tsubasa Otori is spying on Gingka, trying to figure out the relationship between Gingka's strength and his friends. During the battle, Gingka uses that strength by utilizing his friends' special moves and tactics: Lion Gale Force Wall the dodging from Rock Aries ED145B, the rapid movement from Storm Aquario 100HF/S, and even Metal Wing Smash. Gingka planned to use Starblast Attack to prompt Pheonix to use Burning Fire Strike, which knocked Pegasus back down to the ground, and while Burn Fireblaze was in the air, coming down, Gingka sucked up the fire using his special move Storm Bringer which made a vaccuum and sucked up the fire, and smashed Burn Fireblaze. Fireblaze was trapped between two rocks. Gingka had finally won. In order to reward his success, Phoenix awarded him the 48,000 points Gingka previously had but lost to Phoenix, adding the total up to 95,000. Gingka has sudden realization Phoenix resembles his father, but he ignores Gingka and goes away. Then Tsubasa came to them and when Benkei started shouting at him Tsubasa stops him and reveals himself as a WBBA spy and his mission was to stop L-Drago by any means. He told Gingka that he would like to help Gingka fulfill this mission. Gingka and the others are glad to have a new friend and they are now all eager to compete in the Battle Bladers.

Major events

  • Phoenix defeats Tsubasa.
  • Gingka wins his rematch against Phoenix.
  • Gingka gets back the 48,000 points he previously lost to Phoenix and qualifies for Battle Bladers.
  • Tsubasa reveals that he works for the WBBA and explains his true plans.
  • Gingka gains suspicions on his father being Phoenix.
  • Doji and Yu travel to Koma village to investigate Phoenix and who he is.
  • The Bladers that qualified for Battle Bladers are revealed.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used


  • This is the only time Phoenix loses a battle.


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