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MF039 : Clash! The Fireblaze vs. The Pegasus
Metal Fusion series
MF041 : The Serpent's Terror

GO! Battle Bladers!
Kanji GO!バトルブレーダーズ!
Romaji "GO! Batoru Bureidaazu!"
Episode Number 40
Epicode MF040
Series Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Arc Battle Bladers Arc
Previous Episode Clash! The Fireblaze vs The Pegasus
Next Episode The Serpent's Terror
Japanese January 10, 2010
English Flag of United States.png December 11, 2010
Theme Music
Opening Metal Fight Beyblade
Ending Boys ~Hikari Kagayaku Ashita He~
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Storm Pegasus 105RF
Main Character Debuts Reiji Mizuchi

GO! Battle Bladers! is the 40th episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It aired on December 11, 2010.


The Battle Bladers eventually begin. An introduction from Doji congratulates the sixteen Bladers who have made it. The matches are then announced and the Battle Bladers formally begins. Bull and Captain Capri head on first, with Captain Capri using its quick attacks to put Dark Bull in an unaware position. But when Captain Capri uses its special move, Bull counterattacks and deflects Storm Capricorn off the stadium. The next match is between Kenta and Tetsuya. Tetsuya talks about all his hard work to come to the Battles Bladers being paid off, without realizing that Kenta had already won the match. The next battle between Teru and Ryutaro ends with Ryutaro defeating Teru with his special move. The fourth battle of the tournament is the anticipated battle between Gingka and Yu. Flame Libra uses his special move and shoots non-stop at Storm Pegasus, but Pegasus manages to block one final attack from Libra with its vacuum shield. Libra then does another spectacular move, only to be countered by Pegasus' Storm Bringer, which then ends the match in Gingka's favor. After the battle, Yu finally realizes why Kenta thinks highly of Gingka. Meanwhile, Doji speaks to a mysterious member of Dark Nebula.

Major Events

  • Battle Bladers begins.
  • Doji announces the battles which are really against members of the Dark Nebula.
  • Benkei defeats Tobio and advances to the quarter-finals.
  • Kenta defeats Tetsuya and advances to the quarter-finals.
  • Ryutaro defeats Teru and advances to the quarter-finals.
  • Gingka learns that Ryutaro is a member of the Dark Nebula.
  • Gingka defeats Yu and advances to the quarter-finals.
  • Yu reforms.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves Used


This is the first time Yu lost to someone other than ryuga


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