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The Deck is Stacked (仕組まれた対戦 Shikumareta kaado) is the fourty-third episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fourty-third episode of the Metal Saga overall.


The episode starts with Reiji finishing battling with Yu Tendo. Doji looks up after the big explosion that occurred. Then they found out that Yu had escaped. The next day, Kyoya and Benkei face each other in the quarter finals. Kyoya defeated Benkei after a good match and moved on to the semi-finals. In the next match, Gingka faced Ryutaro. Gingka had a tough time but finally he managed to defeat Ryutaro. Ryutaro realized how dangerous it could be if L-Drago wins over others, but he also understood that only Gingka can stop Ryuga. So, he left the future in the hands of Gingka and stepped away. Later, when Gingka and Kenta were discussing about it, Yu appeared and was seriously injured. When Gingka and others went to the aid of Yu, he fainted suffering from his injuries.

Major Events

  • Yu escapes from his battle with Reiji.
  • The Quarter-Finals of Battle Bladers begins.
  • Doji switches the battles around to lean more in favor of his plans, much to everyone's surprise.
    • The new battles are: Benkei vs. Kyoya, Gingka vs.Ryutaro, Kenta vs. Reiji, and Tsubasa vs. Ryuga.
  • Kyoya defeats Benkei and advances to the semi-finals.
  • Kyoya tells Benkei he looks foward to battling him again.
  • Gingka defeats Ryutaro and advances to the semi-finals.
  • Ryutaro tears up his fan and tells Gingka the future is in his hands.
  • Yu comes to Gingka and the others, but faints due to exhaustion.



Featured Beybattles


New Battles

Special Moves Used


  • This is the only time Benkei uses Maximum Stampede which is is strongest move. Its possible he used it because he views Kyoya as worthy to see it.


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