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Entrusted motions (託された想い Takusareta omoi) is the fourty-fourth episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fourty-fourth episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Yu explains what has been happening within the Dark Nebula Organization, showing his broken Libra as proof from his battle with Reiji. Gingka, Benkei and Madoka are furious, but not as much as Kenta who, after swapping Performance Tips with Yu, storms off to find and battle Reiji, who is his opponent in the next round. When the gang leave Yu Tsubassa notes he never thought of Yu as evil while Kyoya says he winns a lot.

In the end, Reiji defeats Kenta, destroying his Beyblade and his spirit, much to the horror of everyone else. Luckily, Gingka steps in before Reiji takes it too far and Doji declares them as opponents in the semi-finals. In the end, the audience praises Kenta for a well-fought battle.

Major Events

  • Yu tells the gang about what has been happening at the Dark Nebula Organization.
  • Tsubassa never found Yu to be evil.
  • Kenta gets ready to battle Reiji by swapping Performance Tips with Yu.
  • Kenta battles Reiji but loses after Sagittario is badly damaged.
  • Doji announces that Gingka and Reiji are to battle in the semi-finals.



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