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Entrusted Emotions (託された想い Takusareta omoi) is the fourty-fourth episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fourty-fourth episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Blader DJ gives a recap of the second round of Battle Bladers with Kyoya Tategami and Gingka Hagane emerging the winners in the first two battles. The next match is between Reiji Mizuchi and Kenta Yumiya. Meanwhile, Yu Tendo tells Gingka's gang what has been happening within the Dark Nebula Organization saying that Ryuga steels the sprits of those who lose at Battle Bladers, showing his broken Libra as proof from his battle with Reiji Mizuchi. The group notes that even when Reiji fought Hyoma he didnt show his real power till after the battle. Gingka Hagane Benkei Hanawa and Madoka Amano are furious, but not as much as Kenta Yumiya who, after swapping Performance Tips with Yu, storms off to find and battle Reiji, who is his opponent in the next round. When the gang leave Yu behind, Tsubasa Otori notes he never thought of Yu as evil while Kyoya Tategami says he whines a lot while mocking him. Before the battle begins Doji mentions how Lightning L-Drago 100HF will absorb the power of anger and he hopes Kenta's defeat will be enough to anger Gingka.

When the battle begins, Kenta tells Rejji that beyblade is something to be enjoyed causing Rejji to be confused. The battle begins and Rejji starts out by following his usual strategy, but then begins to break off Flame Sagittario C145S's claws one by one. However, Sagittario is not defeated this easily; Kenta, who has combined his Beyblade with Flame Libra T125 ES's Eternal Sharp Performance Tip for this battle, begins speaking of his friendship with Yu and the others, and his experiences with them are makes him this strong. At this point, Reiji finally gets angry for the first time, being unable to stand what Kenta is saying; his rage causes his real eyes to show between his hair. In this state of anger, Reiji begins damaging Sagittario more and wins by stopping Sagittario's rotation with his Dark Move Venom Strike. He then decides to destroy his Beyblade and his spirit, much to the horror of everyone else. Luckily, Gingka steps in before Reiji takes it too far and Doji declares them as opponents in the semi-finals. In the end, the audience praises Kenta for a well-fought battle causing Kenta and Yu to be happy.

Major Events

  • Yu tells the gang about what has been happening at the Dark Nebula Organization.
  • Kenta gets ready to battle Reiji by swapping Performance Tips with Yu.
  • It is revealed that Tsubassa never found Yu to be evil back when they were partners in the Dark Nebula.
  • Kenta battles Reiji, but loses after Sagittario is badly damaged.
  • Doji announces that Gingka and Reiji are to battle in the semi-finals.



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