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Eagle Counterattacks (逆襲のアクイラGyakushuu no Akuira) is the fourty-fifth episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fourty-fifth episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Blader DJ gives a recap of the second round where Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami and Reiji Mizuchi have all made it to the semi finals. The final match in this round will be Tsubasa Otori vs Ryuga which will decide the last blader to join the top 4. Benkei Hanawa rushes to find Tsubassa before the battle starts only to find Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya Yu Tendo and Madoka Amano watching Tsubassa's door. They tell Benkei that it is important to give Tsbuassa space to let him focus on the battle. Yu worries about watching Tsubassa battle but assuires Kenta everything will be ok. Tsubasa sits alone in a room studying Ryuga's movements during his last battle against him at the Dark Nebula headquaters.. Tsubasa then battles Ryuga in the second round of Battle Bladers. Ryuga mocks Tsubasa and tells him that he’s all alone, alluding to how Phoenix cannot save him like he did the last time the two fought. Tsubasa defiantly says that he can defeat Ryuga on his own. The battle begins with an all-out clash. Ryuga is able to push Tsubasa back in spite of Eagle’s Wide Defense tip thanks to L’Drago’s extreme attack power. Tsubasa falls back and circles the outer edge of the stadium to preserve Eagle’s stamina. However, Ryuga’s L Drago begins circling as well and is about to intercept eagle thanks to its reverse rotation. Eagle dodges in the last moment. When they are about to clash again, Eagle dodges the attack again. The spectators begin to boo Tsubasa for not fighting head on, but Kyoya supports Tsubasa by telling him that L’Drago cannot be fought head-on, and that Tsubasa must trust his instincts and strike when the time is right. Ryuga stops circling and takes the center. Tsubasa dares him to fight with his full strength. Ryuga then begins a vicious attack, but eagle takes to the sky and dodges it. Ryuga then unleashes his dark move, but this is what Tsubasa had been waiting for. He uses Counter Stance to block L’Drago’s devastating power. At first, it seems like L’Drago is still too powerful but Tsubasa reveals that he has been storing his power just for this moment, and pushes through to defeat the Dragon Emperor Soaring Bite Strike, to Ryuga’s utter shock. When the smoke clears, Eagle is still spinning strong whereas L’Drago is wobbling. Tsubasa then says that he will take over this fight, and unleashes a salvo of special moves. It looks like L’Drago is finished. However, Ryuga manages to turn the tides again by stealing Eagle’s energy and unleashing his dark move again. He admits that Tsubasa has forced him to use his true power, and promises that he will crush him for doing this. Tsubasa can no longer fight back and gets defeated. Gingka vows to avenge him by defeating Ryuga. Doji mocks Tsubassa's loss saying that a glimmer of hope means nothing in the face of Ryuga's power. He then remembers to punish Yu who is crying over Ryuga's cruel actions.

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