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Libra Disappears (託された想い Kieta Ribura) is the forty-sixth episode of Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fourty-sixth episode of the Metal Saga overall.


As the semifinals start to begin, Doji has a flashback of how Reiji Mizuchi defeated Hyoma and Kenta Yumiya and, how Ryuga defeated Hikaru Hasama and Tsubasa Otori in the quarter-finals of Battle Bladers. He is confident that Ryuga will win Battle Bladers and they can proceed with their plan of ruling the world. He then leaves to take care of an important mater while his Buttler cleans up his mess. Meanwhile, Blader DJ announces the semi-finals which are Gingka Hagane vs. Reiji and Kyoya Tategami vs. Ryuga. Kyoya looks towards Leone and gets mad over Tsubasa's loss to Ryuga and gets confident that he will win while Benkei Hanawa encourages him. Yu Tendo and Kenta Yumiya worry about Gingka. Gingka knows that he has to win and to stop Dark Nebula even if it means defeating Kyoya and Ryuga. As Yu grabs sodas from a vending machine, he is confronted by Doji and his elite squad of Dark Nebula Bladers. He reminds Yu of their deal that if Yu beat Reiji, they would spare him, but Yu didn't win and thus he had to be kidnapped. Doji then commands his henchmen to launch their Beyblades onto Yu. Later, Kenta and Hyoma are searching for Yu, who has gone missing while the match between Gingka and Reiji begins. They go to room off-limits but are spotted by Merci. Merci then tells Doji of Kenta and Hyoma and commands his henchmen to find and capture them. Meanwhile, as Gingka and Reiji are battling, Gingka discovers that Poison Serpent SW145SD has gotten stronger. Reiji tells Gingka that he reversed Serpent's Spin-Track and due to this, it allows it to deflect any other attack and when it needs to get real fangs to bite the opponent with. While, Kenta and Hyoma desperately try to find Yu, they are stopped by Doji's Elite Squad of Bladers. They both attack them with their Beys. Hyoma tells Kenta to go find Yu while Hyoma will fend off the Bladers. As Kenta enters a dark room, Doji finds him and talks with him. Kenta demands Doji realize Yu only for Doji to tell him that Yu must give his power to Ryuga. He tells Kenta that Yu was merely a pawn to help Ryuga become king. Doji launches his Dark Wolf DF145FS at him to get Kenta's energy and give it to Ryuga. Kenta's Flame Sagittario's energy ring is badly scratched so it can't fit into the Rip Launcher. Hyoma then returns to block Doji. A battle emerges between Hyoma's Rock Aries ED145B and Doji's Dark Wolf. Then just when Doji is about to finish him off, Kenta launches his shattered Flame Sagittario C145S at Dark Wolf and blocks the attack. Despite this, Dark Wolf defeats the two Beys. However, out of nowhere Burn Fireblaze 135MS comes striking down at Dark Wolf while Phoenix shows himself much to Doji's anger.

Major Events

  • Yu is ambushed and captured.
  • Kenta and Hyoma try to find Yu.
  • Kenta and Hyoma battle Doji, but lose.
  • Gingka Starts his battle with Reiji



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves Used


  • This is the 200th episode of the entire Beyblade Anime.
  • Goof: When Doji grabs his bey back, it shows as Rock Aries rather than Dark Wolf.
  • Doji battles after quite a while.
  • It is unknown why Yu never used Libra to battle the Dark nebula bladers seeing how strong he is. This could be that Liba is still damaged from the battle with Rejji.
  • This is the final time Hyoma battles in the Metal saga.
  • This also marks the final time Doji wins beybattles.
  • Darkness Howling Blazer looks different in this episode compared to other episodes.
  • In the Japanese version Doji simply said Howling Blazer when using his special move. This is fixed in the dub.
  • This is the second time Doji used Darkness howling Blazer to beat his opponents ever since his battle with Kyoya back in The Wolf's ambition.


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