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Blader's Spirit (Japanese: ブレーダーの心 'Burēdā no tamashī') is the fifty-first episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the fifty-first episode of the Metal Saga overall.


Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya, Madoka Amano Hyoma, Benkei Hanawa, Yu Tendo, Osamu, Takashi, Akira and many other bladers have just witnessed Ryuga's transformation into a monster. Ryuga tries to take control of L-Drago but L-Drago continues to possess him. Ryo Hagane approaches Gingka's gang, and tells them what is happening. Due to the battles L-Drago fought in Battle Bladers, L-Drago's power has grown immensely. Those who try to harness L-Drago's power become corrupted just like Ryuga. Ryuga controlled L-Drago and now, L-Drago used it's "Dark Aura" to take control of Ryuga, therefore turning him into a monster. There is darkness (That being Lightning L-Drago 100HF) and there is light (That being Storm Pegasus 105RF). Mankind's actions determine what will happen. Once great people like Doji have been corrupted by L-Drago. Ryuga agrees and continues to fight Gingka saying he will fall into darkness. Ryo finishes by telling Gingka that he will have to beat L-Drago in order to save the future of everybody. Suddenly, the spirits of the Bladers who had their power sucked by L-Drago (Kyoya Tategami, Tsubasa Otori, and Hikaru Hasama) appear. They tell Gingka that he can and will beat Ryuga if he uses the Blader's Spirit. This along with the encouragement of Gingka's friends and the audience gives Gingka the willpower that he needs in order to beat L-Drago. Storm Pegasus latches back onto Lightning L-Drago and startles Ryuga, who tries to fight back. Although it seems that Gingka may beat Ryuga, he tells everyone that he has to save Ryuga. At first, the audience is confused but Gingka tells them it is L-Drago that is controlling Ryuga. He has to save him, if not, Ryuga will be trapped forever, controlled by L-Drago. Gingka uses the power of the Blader's Spirit to attack L-Drago with such force that Pegasus takes L-Drago up into space where Gingka uses the Special Move, Galaxy Nova. Pegasus strikes L-Drago and tackles it back into the arena. After the smoke and rubble settle Gingka falls off of the stadium. However, Pegasus saves Gingka and Gingka rides on the back of Pegasus. Ryuga falls from the stadium as well and turns back into his normal state. He saves Ryuga from falling and they land down on the ground. It turns into morning as Gingka finds a cracked L-Drago on the ground. Ryuga picks L-Drago up and leaves. Gingka has just beaten L-Drago, saving the universe's future. Gingka congratulates Pegasus for winning but before he finishes, Pegasus turns into dust and disappears. Gingka is confused at this as his friends arrive to congratulate him. Ryo tells Gingka that he is proud of his son for accomplishing what he couldn't. Gingka thanks him, but explains that Pegasus has disappeared. Everyone gets startled by this while Ryo tries to explain this. He thinks that since Pegasus was using power far beyond its limit, it used all of its power and due to this, Pegasus disappeared. However, he tells Gingka not to worry as Pegasus is only resting its wings and one day it will come back. Gingka accepts this as all Bladers are happy to know Gingka won. All Bladers say "3, 2, 1, Let it Rip!" as Gingka jumps into the sky! Offscreen Gingka receives his award for being the number one blader and celebrates victory with his friends. Ryo feels very proud of Gingka.

Major Events

  • Gingka Hagane defeats Ryuga and damages L-Drago.
  • Ryuga is freed from the Dark Power.
  • Kyoya, Tsubassa and Hikaru give Gingka their spirits to help beat L-Drago.
  • Kyoya Tategami, Tsubasa Otori and Hikaru Hasama recover from their battles with Ryuga.
  • Gingka becomes the Battle Bladers Champion and the No. 1 Blader in the World.
  • Storm Pegasus 105RF disappears after defeating L-Drago.
  • Although Gingka was supposed to bring Lightning L-Drago back to Koma Village, Ryuga kept it instead.
  • The Beyblade: Metal Fusion season ends.




Special Moves Used


  • Every character in the season appears in the ending scene, with the exception of Ryuga, the Dark Nebula Bladers and Doji.
  • The above text also mentions that Doji does not make an appearance in this episode, and Ryuga turned into a monster during the previous episode.
  • This is the only episode where Echizen is featured in person, meaning that he is still alive.
  • They made a mistake where the younger Zeo Abyss and his friends under Blader DJ's arm, and the Chinese DJ above Busujima are in this episode.
  • This marked the very first time Ryuga ever lost a battle.
  • This is also the only time Gingka beat Ryuga in battle.
  • Ryuga starts to have a change of heart after Gingka saves him.
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