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We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong
BMM eptitle68.png
Kanji 再会! 王虎衆(ワンフージョン)
Romaji "Saikai! Wanfūjon"
Episode Number 17 (MM) 68 (MF)
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Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode The Festival of Warriors
Next Episode The Scorching Hot Lion
Japanese July 25, 2010
English Flag of Australia.svg.png August 16, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Rock Zurafa R145WB
Main Character Debuts None

We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong (再会! 王虎衆(ワンフージョン), Saikai! Wanfūjon) is the 17th episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and the 68th episode of the Metal Saga. The featured Bey is Rock Zurafa R145WB.


After their loss to the EU team, Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa, and Yu decide to undergo intense teamwork training and decide to split into pairs. Tsubasa says that to decide the pairs, they will do rock-paper-scissors, to which the others agree. Tsubasa then says the 2 winners will be on one team, and the 2 losers on the other. The first time is a tie. The second time is a tie. The third time is the same. After 7 ties, Gingka says that that is useless. Madoka then uses straws to decide the pairs, which are: Gingka and Yu vs. Tsubasa and Masamune. Their battle eventually turns into a free-for-all 4-way battle. Hence, they start getting annoyed at each other and Madoka gets angry and says that the team is disbanded, while they try and apologize by bringing her a drink and a fruit basket, but shuts the door on them. Later, Wang Hu Zhong appear from nowhere and Dashan Wang says that he hasn't seen faces that sad in a while. Wang Hu Zhong then say they got into another tournament and that they are trying to get back into the World Championships as a wildcard. Chao Xin then trys to calm Madoka down, and does so successfully. Wang Hu Zhong impresses them by standing on top of each other, on top of a ball that's on top of a rock in this order: Dashan, Chao Xin, Chi-yun Li, and Mei-Mei. Wang Hu Zhong train them by firstly tying a white ribbon around Tsubasa and Yu's ankles, and Gingka and Masamune's ankle. They then finish the team training with tag-team battles; Gingka and Masamune vs Dashan and Chao Xin, and Tsubasa and Yu vs. Chi-yun and Mei-Mei. GanGan Galaxy then learn about teamwork. Then all 8 of their Special Moves are used, and all 8 Beyblades are knocked out. Mei-Mei asks Madoka if she knows who they are playing next. Madoka then uses her computer to figure out who they are playing, and says the winners bewteen Team Chandora and Team Wild Fang. Dashan comments saying the leader uses a Leone and fights as fierce as the king lion himself.

Major Events

  • Gingka and his friends re-encounter Team Wang Hu Zhong.
  • GanGan Galaxy develop their teamwork techniques.
  • GanGan Galaxy learn about their next competitors and Kyoya.
  • Madoka almost abandoned Team Gan Gan Galaxy.



Featured Battles

Special Moves used

Differences in adaptations

In the English dub version, when Mei Mei is using her final attack, the screen is zoomed in slightly to avoid showing her breasts bouncing.


  • The way Team Gan Gan Galaxy pairs up in the battle with Wang Hu Zhong is how they pair up in every team battle after this.

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