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The Shocking Wild Fang (衝撃のワイルドファング, Shōgeki no Wairudo Fangu) is the 19th episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and 70th episode of the Metal Saga.


The episode starts with Gingka having a bad dream and wakes up screaming, and wakes up Masamune. Masamune wonders who made the noise and looks around only to realise that it was Gingka who was making the noise. Gingka & Co. later discuss Gingka's dream and Masamune says he could take out Kyoya in one hit. Kenta then runs into the stadium where the Team Chandora and Team Wild Fang match is being shown in Japan. Kenta then enters the stadium wondering where Benkei could be. The winners of the match will battle Gan Gan Galaxy in the third round. Ryo says that he winner of the 3rd round match will go on to the A Block Finals. Hikaru then reveals that Team Excalibur will play the wildcard entry for the right to play in the A Block Finals. Team Chandora and Team Wild Fang have a press conference. When it is time for Wild Fang to come out, only Benkei comes out, disguised as the Masked Bull. Only Wild Fang never show up. The Indian fans then start booing Wild Fang. Nile is up first and uses his Special Move to completely overpower the Indian team's first Blader. Kyoya is up in the second round against Solhan. Kyoya begins with the Lion Gale Force Wall. Sahan then uses his Special Move to neutralize the Lion Gale Force Wall. Kyoya then wins the second match with ease, ending Team Chandora's challenge,Kyoya then turn to Gingka and said only he can match Kyoya's grown power and challenges him and it's decided Gan Gan Galaxy will play Wild Fang in Japan for a place in the Block A Finals.

Major Events

  • Benkei is revealed to have joined Team Wild Fang as the Masked Bull.
  • Team Wild Fang face off against Team Chandora for a place against Team Gan Gan Galaxy.
  • Team Wild Fang beat Team Chandora 2-0 and move onto the third round.



Featured Beybattles

Special Moves used

  • Mystic Zone (Nile's)
  • Lion Gale Force Wall (Kyoya's)
  • Serpent Burning Mirage (Silan's)

Differences in adaptations


  • The Japanese Opening theme was changed from Galaxy Heart to Spinning the World starting from this episode.
  • This episode Wild Fang wins 2-0 against Chandora.
  • Kyoya reveals he has a new special move.


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