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Metal Masters series
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The End Of A Fierce Struggle
Kanji 死闘の果て!
Romaji "Shitō no hate!"
Episode Number 23 (MM) 74 (MF)
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Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode The Third Match: On The Edge
Next Episode The Creeping Darkness
Japanese September 5, 2010
English December 8, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Spinning the World
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Ray Striker D125CS
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The End Of A Fierce Struggle! (死闘の果て!, Shitō no hate!; English "The End Of A Fierce Struggle") is the 23rd episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and the 74th episode of the Metal Saga.


With the win by Gan Gan Galaxy the teams are tied. After repairing the stadium the WBBA decides the next battle will be another team battle. Each team must decide who will be in the members participating in this battle. An injured Kyoya and Gingka pair up with their partners to continue battling despite their injuries and the damage to their Beys. Both Masamune and Nile are worried, but stay focused on the battle. Masamune suddenly gets an idea, and he and Gingka go in for the final attack. A huge explosion is made as four special moves collide. Three Beys stop spinning, but Masamune's Striker still continues to spin, giving Team GanGan Galaxy the win.

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

  • Gingka (Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F) and Masamune (Ray Striker D125CS) VS Kyoya (Rock Leone 145WB) and Nile (Vulcan Horseus 145D) = Masamune (Ray Striker D125CS) and Gingka (Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F) win

Special Moves used

  • Mystic Zone (Nile & Horuseus)
  • Star Booster Attack (Gingka & Pegasus)
  • Lightning Sword Flash (Masamune & Striker)

Differences in adaptations


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