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The Axe of Destruction (破壊の斧, Hakai no ono) is the 25th episode in Beyblade: Metal Masters and the 76th episode of the Metal Saga.


At the WBBA tournament, Gingka and his team watch the battle between Team Excalibur and Team Wang Hu Zhong while Tsubasa is in the hospital. Chiyun Li prepares for his match and remembers the time he first went to Beylin Temple and met Dashan Wang. Tsubasa wakes up and watches Klaus and Chi-yun battle in the second round. Chi-yun tries to attack Klaus' Grand Capricorn 145D but to no avail, as Klaus fends off every attack every time. Klaus gets the advantage over Chi-yun and breaks through his moves with no problem. Chi-yun snaps and tries to win, but got defeated and Team Wang Hu Zhong got eliminated from the tournament. Tsubasa leaves the hospital after the pain from using the dark power. Hyoma finds Ryuga who is training with a new L-Drago.

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